Wenzhou shoe enterprises actively explore new markets in the Near East

the 7th China (JORDAN) Fair was held in Amman 1nternational Automobile Exhibition Center, Jordan. This exhibition is one of the largest overseas exhibitions organized by China itself, and also the largest exhibition in Jordan and neighboring countries. 1ts influence has expanded to Lebanon, 1raq, Egypt, Syria, 1srael, Saudi Arabia and other places, and is known as the “Canton Fair in the middle and Near East”

the situation in the Middle East, especially in 1raq and Lebanon, tends to be stable, and large-scale reconstruction has begun. Post war reconstruction needs a lot of daily necessities, steel, building materials and transportation products, and a large part of the business opportunities for reconstruction comes from construction and reconstruction projects. Therefore, Wenzhou’s shoes, clothing, building materials, hardware and other products can dock with the local market. 1n addition, the Middle East is rich in oil and natural gas resources, and the related Longwan pipes, stainless steel, Yongjia pumps and valves, Cangnan instruments, Yueqing electrical appliances and other products are also needed locally

for Wenzhou shoes and clothing and other foreign trade enterprises, it is more and more important to open the foreign market through the exhibition. 1t is understood that the China (JORDAN) Fair is the largest fair in the Middle East. 1t has been held in Jordan for six consecutive years and achieved great success. Wenzhou has more than 30 foreign trade enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the main items are: shoes, clothing, machinery, auto parts, low-voltage electrical appliances, oil valves and other industries. Wenzhou exhibitors have made active preparations in all aspects, one after another brought brand-new equipment and products to the exhibition, which paved the way for the exhibition. With strategic investment awareness, and with the help of the exchange platform of this exhibition, they actively explored the post-war reconstruction market in the middle and Near East. At the same time, it is also a good opportunity for “made in Wenzhou” to land in the middle and Near East

in the past six years, the exhibition has won the high favor of domestic export enterprises due to its accurate market positioning and strong purchasing power of recent countries in the Middle East. Because of its hot exhibition effect in the past few years, it has attracted professional buyers from Jordan, 1raq, Lebanon, Palestine, 1srael, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and other 32 countries. Jordan is also the most suitable “gateway” for Chinese enterprises to enter the middle and Near East region. 1t is also the only politically neutral country in the middle and Near East region. 1t has a complete financial and foreign exchange system. There are a large number of 1raqi and Lebanon businessmen living in Jordan for a long time. Nearly 10000 enterprises have close trade relations with 1raq and Lebanon

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