Wenzhou shoe enterprises and other resources integration to create “Wenshang” brand

some leaders from Yunnan and Wenzhou, 11 overseas Chinese associations including the Federation of industry and commerce, Wenzhou Association of Hong Kong, Wenzhou Association of Northern California and European overseas Chinese Association, 181 Wenzhou chambers of Commerce in Guilin, Wuxi and Tianjin, and about 1500 outstanding representatives from overseas chambers of Commerce in Yunnan and global Wenzhou merchants participated in the forum The meeting was held in Kunming. On the same day, the representatives of Wenzhou merchants from all over the world jointly issued the declaration of “jointly building brand Wenzhou merchants” and vowed to share the mission of Wenzhou merchants< Today, Kunming Wenzhou General Chamber of commerce is celebrating its 15th birthday. On this wonderful day, we gather together to share our friendship, experience and industrial and commercial development Wu Wenwen, President of Kunming Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce, opened the opening ceremony of the growing up meeting of the global Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce and the 15th anniversary celebration meeting of Kunming Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce Wu Wenwen said that since its establishment, Kunming chamber of Commerce has made progress in exploration and developed very rapidly, and has established Wenzhou brand in the “south of colorful clouds”. He also expressed the hope that Yunnan and Wenzhou could take this grand event as an opportunity to continuously integrate the resources and advantages of Wenzhou merchants, realize the complementary advantages of the two places, and promote the global Wenzhou merchants to play a greater role in the leapfrog development of Kunming, the development of the western region, and the acceleration of international economic cooperation between China and ASEAN the conference issued a declaration on strategic cooperation between global Wenzhou merchants, advocating global Wenzhou merchants to learn from each other and learn from the successful experience and advanced mode of their respective chambers of Commerce, so as to guide overseas Wenzhou merchants to innovate themselves; Carry out all-round and wide-ranging economic exchanges and cooperation, and establish a stable strategic partnership among chambers of Commerce; Relying on their respective advantages, Wenzhou merchants should enhance their comprehensive competitiveness, and take exploring new development models of private enterprises and new ways of private economy as their mission; Guide Wenshang self innovation, build “Wenshang” brand< As the first Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce established in other places in China, Kunming Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce now has nearly 6000 members and 12 branches in real estate, clothing and other industries. 1t has become an indispensable development force and has been widely praised by the local community. Tu Siping, vice president of the chamber of Commerce, said that Wenzhou people in Kunming have gone through four stages of development, and now Wenzhou people play an important role in the development of Yunnan's private economy at the “global Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce President conference” held on the same day, many Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce presidents at home and abroad, including Weng Yinqiao, honorary president of Wenzhou Association of Hong Kong, Chen Zhiyuan, President of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce of UAE, and Chen Xingping, President of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce of Shenzhen, spoke freely on how to develop the chamber of Commerce on the afternoon of the same day, Wenzhou businessmen from all over the world signed a number of investment cooperation projects, including the development of Tianshengqiao characteristic industrial park in Dongchuan, Kunming, with an intended investment of more than 40 billion yuan. At the same time, 1CBC Yunnan branch and Kunming Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement on financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises, promising to provide Wenzhou enterprises with ten aspects of financial services and a credit line of 100 billion yuan

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