Wenzhou shoe enterprises avoid EU anti dumping and fight again in Russian market

at present, many Chinese shoe enterprises are focusing on the Russian market in order to avoid the losses caused by the EU’s anti-dumping of Chinese shoes. China’s shoe industry, represented by Wenzhou shoe enterprises, will set up trading companies in Russia, employ marketing personnel who understand Russian to develop the market, employ professional accounting and tax companies who are familiar with Russian finance and taxation to make accounts, and set up special exhibition halls to take the road of regular operation

setting up trading companies in Russia is one of the marketing methods adopted by many Wenzhou shoe enterprises. They take the initiative to win over large-scale stores in Russia to set up special counters, and transform their sales channels into large supermarkets in Russia, so as to enhance the brand influence of Chinese shoes; 1n the design of shoes, Wenzhou shoe enterprises pay more attention to increasing the versatility of shoes, so that a pair of shoes can be suitable for many occasions at the same time, and improve their use; Keep up with the trend of the times, meet the consumers’ pursuit of popular elements, actively strive for the marketing of the main stores in Russia, improve the brand value, improve the whole distribution system, and set up wholesale departments in all sales areas, change the previous idea of making profits by volume, develop timely products, and strive to make more profits in the seasonal sales< According to the relevant person in charge of Wenzhou Leather 1ndustry Association, according to the information they have, many Chinese shoe enterprises will increase their exports to ASEAN and Russia, and the export growth to ASEAN countries is relatively obvious, with the export value rising by 59% compared with 2008, while the export value to EU, the United States and Japan is still lower than the level of 2008

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