Wenzhou shoe enterprises merge foreign famous brands

from agency to ownership, from strategic cooperation to merger and acquisition… A new round of overseas merger and acquisition of Wenzhou shoes and clothing enterprises begins. On May 18, Aokang, the largest private shoe-making enterprise in China, signed an agreement in Shanghai with 1talian shoe famous brand wanliweide to acquire the ownership of wanliweide in Greater China

in mid June, more than 30 leather shoes and clothing enterprises in Wenzhou will go to 1taly to discuss cooperation with Versace, Armani and other world-class brands. Seeking to acquire or inject capital into these “time-honored” brands is the most important purpose of Wenzhou entrepreneurs

wanliweide has more than 2300 stores around the world. The acquisition of Greater China in AOKANG involves mainland China, Chinese mainland Taiwan and Hongkong, China. 1n the future, Aokang will be in the above-mentioned region of wanliweide from R & D design, production and manufacturing to brand marketing< Xie Rongfang, vice president of China Leather Association and Secretary General of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, told the reporter: "if we can acquire, merge or take shares in these first-line brands, it will help the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou shoe leather industry and accelerate the export." 1t is reported that after the outbreak of the financial crisis, many 1talian and Spanish traditional shoe enterprises hope to cooperate or even be acquired, which provides opportunities for Wenzhou enterprises to realize overseas mergers and acquisitions it is no doubt that the marriage of “time honored brands” in Europe can improve the competitiveness of Wenzhou shoes. Aokang chairman Wang Zhentao said that after the successful acquisition, many of wanliweide’s “housekeeping skills” will really be used by Aokang. These technologies will play a huge role in promoting the overall quality of all Aokang offline brands according to the plan, Aokang will spend 3 years and 5.6 billion yuan to build its brand into the most competitive high-end brand in China and even the Asia Pacific region, and enter more than 300 domestic high-end shopping malls in recent years, Chinese leather shoes and clothing enterprises are facing more and more “export barriers”. Taking the export of leather shoes as an example, some European countries have proposed to use the standard of “green leather” to restrict the import of Chinese leather shoes, while the United States requires that “the toe cap must be able to withstand the pressure of 35 kg”. Now the European Union has proposed that leather shoes should have not only the origin mark, but also the environmental protection mark, ingredient mark and so on. 1f the acquisition of local brands is successful, it will help to solve the above export barriers

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