Wenzhou shoe enterprises open up a new channel overseas

recently, the four-day famous and high-quality products Expo in Wenzhou, China came to an end in 1poh, the capital of Perak state, Malaysia. The largest overseas commodity exhibition held in Wenzhou has brought such achievements to more than 160 Wenzhou enterprises participating in the exhibition: the passenger flow of the exhibition has reached more than 20000, nearly 5000 professional merchants have come to negotiate, and more than 50 enterprises have received about US $12 million in intended orders. This is a tentative result of “made in Wenzhou” appearing in the ASEAN market for the first time after China ASEAN Free Trade Area has fully realized the liberalization of trade in goods this year

it is understood that, in addition to Wenzhou enterprises which have already built an industrial park in Longjiang, Vietnam, more enterprises have taken advantage of this exhibition to “find the market”, and at the same time, they have put their strategic vision on the capital investment of “looking for resources” and “looking for space”. For Wenzhou shoe enterprises, entering the ASEAN market is a good time to evade trade barriers and look for new cakes. 1t is understood that with the opportunity of zero tariff in China ASEAN Free Trade Area, some shoe enterprises in Wenzhou are ready to transfer part of their production lines to Southeast Asia. 1ndonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and other places with a certain shoe-making foundation are all investment destinations. http://www.shoes.net.cn “Judging from our investigation, the local fashion shoes with exquisite design are popular, and the shoe enterprises have strong ability in product development and design. The effective grafting of our production capacity and their R & D capacity is a good opportunity for Wenzhou shoe enterprises to transform. ” At the exhibition, some shoe enterprise leaders said the same

at the exhibition, some enterprises have found this “key”. Most enterprises didn’t get orders from large professional purchasers, which disappointed many entrepreneurs. However, on the closing day, the products on display were snapped up and the enterprises saw the direction” This reflects that the traditional “made in Wenzhou” has certain competitiveness and influence here, and Wenzhou enterprises can enter more shoes and clothing products with medium and low prices here. ” Ma Zhongliang, deputy general manager of Wenzhou huadeli Shoes Co., Ltd., found a way: from the analysis of five or six small orders obtained by enterprises during the exhibition period, the safety shoes exhibited by enterprises are more “counterpart” to industrial shoes in Malaysia, “construction workers, a specific consumer group, will be the direction for us to target the ASEAN market.”

at the exhibition, many enterprises saw the potential of this market: 1.9 billion people, nearly 6 trillion US dollars of GDP, 4.5 trillion US dollars of trade volume… With the establishment of China ASEAN Free Trade Area on January 1 this year, more than 6800 kinds of goods have implemented “zero tariff”, and ASEAN has become the “fat meat” in the eyes of many enterprises

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