Wenzhou shoe enterprises: practice hard all the time and take it easy

at a time when the current international financial crisis is spreading day by day and even affecting the global real economy, Wenzhou Jindi Shoes Co., Ltd. has found business opportunities in the crisis, and this year’s output, output value and foreign exchange earning through export have all realized an adverse growth. What is the secret of Jindi’s development? Recently, the reporter made a special trip to Jindi shoes industry to explore the mystery behind it

in the production workshop of Jindi shoes industry, it is a busy scene. Every production line is running at full power, and the workers are busy with their work in an orderly way

this company, located in Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a large-scale shoemaking foreign trade enterprise whose products are 100% exported. From the beginning of the year to the end of November, the company has achieved an output of 10.93 million pairs, an output value of 540 million yuan, an export earnings of more than 61 million US dollars, and a tax payment of more than 37 million yuan. Compared with the same period of last year, these economic indicators not only did not decline, but also increased by a large margin, showing great vitality in the “cold winter” of the economy

when the external demand is significantly reduced and many Wenzhou shoe-making enterprises are struggling, what does Jindi rely on to get out of the predicament and achieve remarkable performance? Zhu Jianyong, chairman of the board of directors of the company, said: the most important reason is that the enterprise has laid a solid foundation in the past few years, and its products have their own unique advantages and strong competitiveness in the international market. Only in this way can we “remain firm” in the face of the crisis

with excellent product quality and price advantages, Kingdee has established a long-term supply relationship with the largest leather shoes retailer in Europe. 1n the global financial crisis, because the other company is very strong, and not listed, the impact of the crisis is small. As a result, the orders to Jindi are increasing instead of decreasing” The next step is to develop new production lines and expand production capacity. ” Zhu Jianyong said that the current pressure is less than that in the first half of the year. 1t can be said that Jindi has been able to cope with the financial crisis calmly

ZHU Jianyong’s calm and self-confidence comes from Jindi’s continuous hard training of “internal skills” and continuous improvement of the enterprise’s ability to fight against the storm

footwear industry is a traditional advantage industry in Wenzhou. As one of the city’s more than 2600 shoe-making enterprises, many years ago, according to the support level and conditions of Wenzhou shoe industry development, Jindi clearly positioned its products as “providing women’s shoes with the highest cost performance to the international market”. Through scientific research and management innovation, Jindi continuously improved product quality, improved after-sales service, and expanded a considerable international market. 1n 2007, Jindi became the largest industrial export enterprise in the city and the largest footwear export enterprise in the province

in the first half of this year, the soaring prices of raw materials and the rapid depreciation of the US dollar also put pressure on Jindi’s normal production and operation activities. 1n the face of difficulties, Jindi launched a set of mechanisms to deal with risks. On the one hand, it relies on foreign exchange risk management means such as forward foreign exchange sales to avoid risks reasonably, strengthen communication and mutual trust with merchants, and form a good external environment. On the one hand, we paid close attention to the price fluctuation of raw materials in the market, timely increased the advance inventory of raw materials according to the order plan, scientifically arranged the production, stabilized the staff team, and stabilized the position by hard working

“no matter how the crisis affects, people always want to buy shoes. 1f our products and services have advantages, we don’t worry about no market.” 1n Zhu Jianyong’s view, the current financial crisis is pregnant with great vitality and business opportunities. 1n recent years, with the rise of export tax rebate rate, the decline of oil prices, the decline of raw material prices and other favorable factors, Zhu Jianyong’s “made in Wenzhou” in the foreign market, its price advantage and competitiveness have been improved< 1n spite of the good development trend, Zhu Jianyong is still aware of the objective situation such as the devaluation of the euro and the decline of foreign purchasing power, thus speeding up the pace of entering the domestic market. He disclosed that at present, Jindi has completed the investigation and analysis of the domestic footwear brand market, and is planning the specific implementation plan in fact, Jindi, who specializes in export, has not stopped paying attention to and observing the domestic market for many years” To do the domestic market, we need to fight with confidence. ” Zhu Jianyong said frankly according to Zhu Jianyong’s assumption, the emperor of Jin will “walk on two legs” in the future. On the one hand, relying on the current production enterprises to consolidate and expand the international market; On the one hand, relying on the standardized marketing system formed through years of cooperation with international brands and distributors, combing out a suitable domestic operation mode combined with the actual situation, and then establishing a special shoe sales enterprise, actively expanding the domestic market through strict procurement and brand marketing, so as to achieve the goal of blooming both inside and outside the wall