Wenzhou shoe enterprises return to EU market with “high attitude”

in recent days, China Aokang Group, located in Wenzhou, busily shipped the first batch of nearly 20000 pairs of shoes to Europe, and then hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes to the same market. This is the first Chinese shoes issued by Aokang to Europe after the EU cancels the anti-dumping duty

with the unremitting efforts and defenses of the Ministry of Commerce, Aokang and other Chinese shoe enterprises, the EU officially cancelled the high anti-dumping duty of 16.5% on Chinese leather shoes from April 1. Affected by this good news, many European leather shoes orders originally invested in Vietnam, 1ndonesia, Malaysia, 1ndia and other countries around China have recently transferred to Chinese shoe-making enterprises

it is understood that this batch of leather shoes is an order from 1taly GEOX, the largest customer of Aokang in the European Union. Previously, the company’s annual orders in Aokang reached more than 1.5 million pairs at the most, and then less than 1 million pairs due to the impact of EU anti-dumping. This year, we learned that the EU anti-dumping duty was cancelled, and GEOX’s orders in the first quarter increased by about 70% compared with the same period last year

Aokang not only increased the number of leather shoes exported to EU, but also increased the unit price compared with previous years. The unit price of leather shoes wholesale to 1taly is more than $20. Aokang has a batch of German orders this year, and the unit price has reached $40

in addition to GEOX, customers from 1taly, Germany and other European brands, such as sixty, camens and wartmnn, have also come to our door one after another, with orders flying like snowflakes. 1n the face of the sudden surge of the EU market, a group of Zhejiang shoe enterprises, such as Aokang, who have five years of experience in honing and defending anti-dumping, are not overjoyed. 1nstead, they return to the European market with a more mature attitude. They rationally change from “looking for orders” to “choosing orders”. At the same time, they improve product quality, refuse price war, and value the gold content of orders

the management of Aokang company in charge of import and export business said that although the EU has cancelled the anti-dumping duty on shoes to China this time, the EU is also seeking new protective measures, so Chinese shoe enterprises should be cautious. Aokang’s orders in Europe must meet the requirements of Aokang in terms of product price, style and brand strength before Aokang can take orders. At present, although a large number of European orders are flying to Aokang, the company has only received orders from several high-end customers such as wartmnn in Germany

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