Wenzhou shoe enterprises seize the second and third tier domestic market

“originally, we wanted to show and publicize the brand image of our company, but we didn’t expect that more than a dozen second – and third tier department stores would be interested in our products.” Teng Zhijie, deputy general manager of Nitai group and general manager of the marketing company, told reporters that it is difficult to develop the department store channel in the early stage, and the market cultivation period needs at least 3 to 5 years, but as long as the department store channel is opened, the later maintenance is relatively easy. At present, they are preparing to produce targeted products for these shopping malls

the three-day 99th China footwear and leather goods fair and the docking exhibition of “famous brands and stores” closed in Shanghai last week. The shoe enterprises in Wenzhou found that compared with previous years, there were fewer high-end department store managers and more professional department store buyers in the second and third tier markets, and the docking site was more lively and direct

Chen Xianjing, the person in charge of Paul Getty shoes, who participated in the third exhibition, said: “this year’s effect is the best, because the customer group is more targeted.” Chen Xianjing said that the last two exhibitions can be described as “fishing with a big net”. This year, the company invited more than 200 store managers and managers of department stores and chain shoe stores. 1n the early stage, the company had a strong pertinence in terms of goods and display, so the docking effect was very good

Wenzhou Kangnai, Aokang, spider king, ritai, Paul Getty and other participating shoe enterprises said that the second and third tier market department stores and chain shoe cities have cooperated most and best for several years. And this exhibition has accelerated their terminal layout in department stores and chain shoe cities

Why are Wenzhou shoes favored by department stores in the second and third tier markets? Fan yanru, Deputy Secretary General of China Department Store Association, gave the following answer: with the enhancement of the awareness of intellectual property protection, the so-called international brands of department stores in the second and third tier markets, such as crocodiles and woodpeckers, have lost their living space, gradually withdrew from the market and given more new demands. And these department stores are dominated by volume, which is exactly in line with the characteristics of Wenzhou shoes. Wenzhou shoe enterprises mostly focus on volume, and have the characteristics of long product line and large age span. Moreover, in recent years, Wenzhou shoes has accelerated the establishment of Direct stores, exclusive stores, chain stores and other terminals, occupying large and medium-sized cities in China. The store resources tend to be saturated, and they are also looking for new expansion space

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