Wenzhou shoe industry and other enterprises are enthusiastic about going public

the reporter learned from the municipal finance office yesterday that the “third batch” list of enterprises to be listed in our city was officially released, among which 15 enterprises including people’s Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. and Aokang Shoes Co., Ltd. were listed. 1n addition to the two groups of 42 enterprises to be listed, a total of 57 Wenzhou enterprises are going all out to open the door of the capital market

“Wenzhou enterprises are becoming more and more positive about listing.” Zhang Zhenyu, director of the municipal finance office, said that the demonstration effect of listed enterprises such as Huafeng spandex, Huayi Electric, Jinlong electromechanical and Zhengtai, as well as the sense of urgency of transformation and upgrading in the post crisis era, have become the catalyst to stimulate the enthusiasm of private enterprises in our city for listing” During the financial crisis in 2009, all the companies listed in the list have achieved an increase of more than 50% in output value. ” Zhang Zhenyu said

it is reported that there are seven listed companies in our city, and the listing work of another group of enterprises is entering the stage of substantive progress. At the beginning of this year, people’s electrical appliances formally submitted listing materials to the municipal finance office. Zheng Yuanbao, chairman of the group, once said that it would be listed as the group’s best “electrical appliance plate” and complete this goal within two years. 1n addition, Kangle pharmaceutical and Weimin environmental protection are waiting for the “meeting” at present, and Senma, Aokang, red dragonfly, etc. are in or about to pass the counseling period

according to the municipal finance office, this year and next, our city is expected to promote four to five enterprises to achieve the listing goal, and strive to have 15 listed enterprises in Wenzhou by the end of 2012. 1n addition to the main board, SME board and growth enterprise board in China, they may also choose to list in Singapore, Hong Kong and other places

according to the “opinions on promoting the listing of enterprises” issued by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government and the “opinions on cultivating enterprises to be listed and supporting the development of listed companies” issued by Wenzhou in 2006, the proposed listed companies can enjoy relevant preferential policies in tax, land use and other aspects, and the relevant departments will also open up a “green channel” for them

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