Wenzhou shoe industry creates market legend in France

after 20 years of painstaking management, more than 120 Wenshang shoe enterprises in Paris have successfully occupied 80% of the French shoe market, making an amazing legend

in August 2010, the founding ceremony of the Chinese shoes Association of France and the inaugural ceremony of the first council were held in Paris. More than 120 warm shoe manufacturers in France finally ushered in their own “mother’s home”. The Chinese shoes Association of France has 73 registered member enterprises, most of which are Wenzhou merchants

the history of Chinese shoes industry in France can be traced back to the early 1990s. 1n recent years, Chinese shoes industry in France has developed rapidly and has become an important member of the European shoes market. This group, which is dominated by Wenzhou merchants, not only accounts for 80% of French domestic market, but also radiates the whole Western Europe, North Africa, Eastern Europe and other regions by virtue of France’s geographical advantages. Among them, the Chinese shoe market in oberhavier, located in the northern suburb of Paris, has become the wholesale and distribution center of shoes in France and even the whole Europe. There are many customers from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries. There are even Singaporean customers, because there is no way to find such satisfactory goods in China, so they simply went to Paris to purchase. Nowadays, the shoe industry has become another major industry for Chinese after catering industry, luggage industry, clothing industry and small commodity industry, which has a positive impact on the development of French economy and the improvement of Chinese economic status

it is undeniable that the biggest advantage of the rise of Wenshang leather shoes is still the high quality and low price, and the high profit brand is still in the hands of the French natives. But in the fashion capital of the world, Wenshang’s ability to grasp the latest trends is fully reflected. Smart in the process of expanding the market, they are also constantly improving product quality and improving service, so as to win the trust of customers with a wide range of products, novel styles, high quality and low price, and gradually establish a large fixed customer base. For example, the triumphal arch company of Zhao Qing, President of the Chinese shoes Association of France, has not only accepted orders from several large French chain shoe sales companies, but also has more than 2000 fixed and scattered customers

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