Wenzhou shoe industry is now hot in making brand

with the fierce competition in the contemporary society, how can an enterprise gain an invincible advantage in the competition? Through the demonstration of time, we find that one of the biggest advantages of today’s enterprise development is to set up a good image of the enterprise in the enterprise products. Brand is the display of corporate image. Through the effectiveness of the brand can make the majority of consumers better and more intuitive understanding of the advantages of enterprises. So the best way to understand the enterprise is to understand the brand. A new wave of brand building in China is sweeping the Yangtze River Delta in a way close to “great leap forward”. Not only do foreign trade enterprises have to walk on two legs, but also domestic and foreign trade enterprises are expanding the proportion of domestic sales< Teng xingbiao is the chairman of Wenzhou fulomi Shoes Co., Ltd. With the deepening of the crisis in 2008, "fulomi" has maintained a stable growth relying on the orders transferred from the Pearl River Delta. At that time, he mainly did two things: personnel adjustment; Open up the market and get the export certification of more countries. Wait quietly for the next business cycle< 1n 2009, Teng xingbiao saw opportunities with the establishment of China ASEAN Free Trade Area when 1 saw him again, he said that in the second half of last year, he did one thing: “registered his own brand”. Fulomi has always been a 100% export-oriented enterprise. The waiting time for this business cycle is not as long as you think. This year’s export orders can be described as “full”. Teng xingbiao said: “from January to may, the export orders of Wenzhou’s shoe industry increased by more than 40%. This is mainly because a number of enterprises died or transferred to other industries in the crisis.” from January to may, the export of Wenzhou increased by 26.5%. Although this figure is lower than 33.2% of the whole country, “Wenzhou was less impacted by the financial crisis, so its base is higher than that of the whole country. At present, the export of Wenzhou has basically recovered, and the clothing and footwear industry is higher than the ceiling level.” Li Shao, director of the foreign trade department of Wenzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, said it can be seen that the foreign trade situation is not only improving, but may even “continue to improve”. When the export market is getting better, why do the bosses move subconsciously in the opposite direction to create brands and expand domestic sales. Teng xingbiao said that the financial turmoil has taught us a good lesson. 1t is very dangerous to put eggs in one basket. According to his analysis, under the surface of temporary “twists and turns”, there are actually huge risks: Global trade protectionism is on the rise, domestic labor costs and production costs in all aspects are rising, but it is more difficult to raise prices with foreign investors, and profits are getting lower and lower not long after he first entered the domestic market, Teng xingbiao was surprised to find that compared with the Chinese market, the channels in the European and American markets are simpler. Foreign trade enterprises, which are used to dealing with foreign customers, find themselves in a situation of “expert in foreign war and expert in civil war” when they switch to the domestic market. Most of them can’t feel the domestic market. They have long lost the ability to fight at home by relying on foreign forces. Facing the complex domestic market, they have become Chinese companies that need localization “the main reason is the immaturity of the domestic market.” Teng xingbiao analyzed the difficulties in the transformation of domestic and foreign markets. 1n terms of funds, the domestic wholesalers are in serious arrears of payment, “the deposit is also given, but it usually takes 4-5 months for all funds to be in place after delivery. Export rarely has this kind of question, makes the letter of credit, two months money can arrive basically Overstocking inventory is also a big problem. For export, traders usually place orders in advance to ensure their supply in the domestic market. 1t’s different in China. 1f a product sells well, it only gives you a week’s production time. 1f you don’t have time to produce, there will be other factories imitating the substitutes immediately. 1n this case, we have to produce more and sell badly all of a sudden, which leads to overstock of inventory China’s market is too big, the difference between East, West, North and south is too big, so the demand is naturally different. 1n terms of making shoes, long hair is needed in the north, short hair is needed in the south, and both are cotton shoes, which adds a lot of trouble to the shoe-making process according to the different brand positioning, it is often necessary to choose different grades of business circles to expand the brand awareness. Every mall has entrance fee, minimum fee and transfer fee. 1f you don’t see anything, you have to take out the money it is doomed that OEM and brand are two kinds of thinking: OEM is more about how to save money, but to be a brand, it is necessary to consider how to spend money” The thinking of making a factory is like this: 1’ll take the order if it’s profitable, and 1 won’t take it if it’s not profitable, but 1’m sure 1 have to pay for the brand. ” Teng xingbiao said that one of the most common words he heard from his friends recently was “millions and tens of millions have been smashed down and nothing has been seen.” he said that recently, the internal and foreign trade departments of his own enterprise had great differences, and the colleagues in the export department were all talking about: “money is earned by us. Besides spending money, what benefits do those people bring to the company? Why do they get the same salary?” it’s not a person’s idea to make his own brand, expand the domestic market, and use the money earned from foreign trade to make domestic channels Xu Yunxu was born in Tengqiao, a remote and beautiful town in Wenzhou. 1n 1991, at the age of 17, she borrowed half of her family’s savings, 5000 yuan, from her mother and came to Wenzhou to do business now, Xu Yunxu has a comprehensive industrial zone of 80000 square meters in the new industrial park of tengxu enterprise headquarters in Ouhai Economic Development Zone, Wenzhou, which houses office buildings, scientific research buildings, factories and star dormitories Xu Yunxu, who just came back from Milan, doesn’t think that clothing is a sunset industry. The most important thing is how to do it. “Chinese clothing will become more and more competitive in the world, which is positively correlated with the enhancement of national competitiveness,” she said. This year’s fashion launch, Chanel’s main elements and his window in Milan are all Chinese elements, and the design is the Shanghai World Expo as the main element. This should show that the domestic consumer market is favored by the world, at least in the clothing market, so we have no reason to give up this market. “ after buying the 1talian brand of trust in 2007, tengxu has set up its own brand of children’s wear, blow D from a pure foreign trade enterprise to today, the proportion of domestic sales has increased to nearly 40%. Xu Yunxu said: “in the future, our development should be basically equal to that of domestic and foreign sales.” in the view of the owners of these self created brands, the domestic market is full of huge and continuous business opportunities. When the export situation improves, foreign trade enterprises should seize rather than give up this “fleeting” business opportunity

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