Wenzhou shoe leather and other business associations help the rapid development of brand economy

after decades of ups and downs and market baptism, Wenzhou has not only created the amazing “Wenzhou economic development mode”, but also has 38 Chinese famous brands, 20 Chinese famous trademarks, 1 Chinese famous agricultural product, 6 Chinese export famous brands, 300 provincial famous trademarks and 377 municipal famous trademarks, creating new achievements in the rapid development of brand economy< According to statistics, among the 110 billion yuan industrial added value of Wenzhou in 2008, the contribution rate of famous brand enterprises above municipal level reached 32.5%, driving the increase of industrial added value by 3.5 percentage points. Although the data of 2009 has not been finally calculated, it is certain that the contribution rate of brands to the city's economy is further improving. " Zhou shaozheng, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou municipal Party committee and vice mayor, said so in the process of Wenzhou’s Phoenix Nirvana and rebirth, large and small chamber of commerce associations have played an important role guide the industry brand building after a series of quality events in the early stage of reform and opening up, many farsighted enterprises in Wenzhou City began to spontaneously set up non-governmental industry chambers of Commerce and associations with the support of the government, striving to form an effective binding force on the quality management of their member enterprises through the association, so as to change the image of Wenzhou products in people’s hearts in the second year of “Hangzhou Wulin gate burning Wenzhou shoes”, in June 1988, “Wenzhou Lucheng shoes Association” was established, and more than 370 shoe factory directors jointly issued a quality initiative declaration: “all my colleagues in the shoe industry should attach importance to the reputation of the shoe city, pay attention to the quality of shoes, and do not make money.” Since then, Wenzhou clothing chamber of Commerce, glasses chamber of Commerce, Hardware Chamber of Commerce, shoe material chamber of Commerce and so on have been established. Today, there are 37 trade associations directly under the Wenzhou Federation of industry and commerce, covering many industries. As a result, Wenzhou has become a mature city with a large number of trade associations in China “with the drive of market competition, today’s chamber of Commerce in Wenzhou has become an important force to guide enterprises from spontaneously creating brands to consciously shaping regional brands and maintaining brand clusters.” Said Zheng chenai, President of Wenzhou clothing chamber of Commerce< According to Zheng chenai, since its establishment in 1994, Wenzhou garment chamber of Commerce has led the whole industry to go global and frequently appeared on the stage at home and abroad with its overall image. 1t has played an important role in guiding Wenzhou garment enterprises to establish their own brands and establish "China's famous clothing city" “in 2009, we guided Wenzhou’s service enterprises to implement the brand promotion strategy, go through the winter together, and develop against the trend, achieving an output value of 59.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%, ranking among the best in the country.” 1n order to establish the independent brand cluster, we must speed up the pace of the construction of technical institutions. According to Zhou shaozheng, at present, the construction of Wenzhou national Footwear Testing Center building has been successfully completed, and the “national industrial electrical appliances quality supervision and inspection center” has been approved and is under construction. Glasses, pumps and valves, financial equipment and other national center projects are also stepping up the application” The municipal pump and valve science and technology innovation service platform and the provincial leather industry science and technology innovation service Wenzhou sub platform passed the demonstration and accelerated the construction “many of these projects were implemented under the leadership of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce.”$$$$$$< At the beginning of 2010, a shoe last company in Lucheng industrial zone of Wenzhou received the first "ticket" issued by women's shoes branch of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association for "using unfair competition means": 115 member enterprises of the association temporarily suspended any business dealings with them according to Xu shunluo, Secretary General of women’s shoes branch of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, not long ago, the shoe last company didn’t “say hello” to the owners of relevant shoe-making enterprises. More than 20 luxurious banquets were held in the general hotel to entertain the purchasing staff of shoe enterprises. During the banquets, heavy awards were set to “reward” the guests, which caused strong repercussions in the industry after learning the above news, the women’s shoes branch of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association specially held an office meeting for the president to discuss the Countermeasures for the raw material suppliers to “use unfair competition means to win over the irregular behavior of the purchasing personnel of shoe enterprises”, and finally decided to take measures to rectify the unhealthy trend of the industry and “shoot” at unfair competition. That night, the meeting decided: first, in view of the shoe last company’s non-standard behavior, the industry association internal notification, warning education; Second, all member units are required to temporarily stop any business dealings with them and put them on the “blacklist” of dishonest enterprises; Third, the shoe last company must submit a profound written inspection to the president’s office meeting to see the future effect the meeting also called on all raw material suppliers and equipment suppliers of Wenzhou shoe industry to resolutely resist any unfair competition and strictly prevent banquets, gifts and other activities for relevant business personnel of shoe enterprises in strict accordance with the requirements of “proposal for industry self-discipline of women’s shoes branch of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association” and “1nterim Measures for establishing industry internal control” Red envelope and other similar incidents happened again the women’s shoes branch of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association was established in July 2009, with 116 member enterprises, nearly half of which are women’s shoes manufacturers and raw material suppliers. The chairman of the shoe last company investigated this time is one of the vice presidents of the association. As for the investigation and punishment by the industry association, the chairman of the shoe last company said that he was “convinced” and was willing to make efforts to establish a new trend in the industry the service, guidance and supervision of industry associations create a good environment for the healthy and orderly development of enterprises. According to industry estimates, Wenzhou women’s shoes production enterprises in 2009 output value of about 30 billion yuan, Wenzhou shoes industry in recent years is the fastest growing group background news in recent two years, Wenzhou regional brand upgrading is accelerating. According to the Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, starting from March 2009, the city plans to use one year to select about 100 unified “playing cards” among 216 key class a shoe enterprises. At present, “Wenzhou 1nternational snowshoe city” Zhejiang regional famous brand has been officially listed. Low voltage electrical industry is also upgrading from a single product brand to a regional brand. 1n Yueqing, Wenzhou, the capital of low-voltage electrical appliances in China, there are more than 5000 electrical appliances enterprises in Liushi town alone. The sales revenue accounts for 60% of the whole country, and its output value accounts for about 50% of the total industrial output value of Yueqing. Zhengtai, Delixi and other electrical appliance groups have been dissatisfied with the development of single product brand, and their rise is driving regional brand integration. 1n the process of rapid development of Wenzhou’s brand economy, the chamber of Commerce Association holds up the hope of Wenzhou’s future with their tangible and intangible hands

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