Wenzhou shoe leather industry seeks transformation and upgrading

as a traditional and labor-intensive industry, shoe leather industry is one of the important pillar industries of Wenzhou economy. After more than 30 years of development, it has formed a relatively perfect industrial supporting production system. The output value development has achieved good benefits, continued to maintain the industrial advantages of China’s shoe capital, and realized the sustainable development of the industry. How does Wenzhou, which has been in the forefront of the industry, achieve another leap forward? How does the Wenzhou model bring new enlightenment to the industry

confusion in the transformation

in today’s global development of low-carbon economy, product grade is relatively low, product synchronization phenomenon is serious, lack of differentiated innovation. The actual R & D capacity is not strong, and the key link of the value chain of the shoe industry is relatively weak. While creating economic benefits, it also causes great pressure on environmental pollution. Especially when the financial crisis hit, as a traditional industry in Wenzhou, Wenzhou shoe leather industry lacks research ability, weak brand and international channels, and weak anti risk ability. A series of comprehensive problems, such as the rising cost of labor and other factors, the lag of talent training and the lack of compound talents, are perplexing the pace of enterprise growth< To speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industrial chain, first of all, encourage shoe leather enterprises to increase scientific and technological innovation, accelerate information construction, increase the development of energy saving and environmental protection projects, and vigorously promote the cultivation of brand. We should develop our own brand, promote the innovation of marketing mode, speed up the pace of restructuring, consolidate the foundation of product quality and other measures to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises< 1n the transformation and upgrading of shoe leather industry, Wenzhou has accumulated new experience, encouraged enterprises to increase the strength of scientific and technological innovation, optimized the industrial structure, strengthened the ability of design and R & D, improved the added value of products, and promoted the upgrading of industrial transformation. Encourage enterprises to actively participate in the formulation of national or industrial standards, and participate in the formulation of international product standards. Adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards to organize production, improve the quality, grade and fashion degree of footwear products, so as to gradually integrate the enterprises with the international standards. To develop ecological shoe leather industry, while actively promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, clean and environmental protection production, we should vigorously eliminate backward production capacity and rectify and integrate high pollution production projects. Actively promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and strictly eliminate backward production capacity accelerate the integration of industrial resources and vigorously optimize the industrial structure. We should improve the industrial concentration, further integrate the resources of shoe leather industry, organically integrate the scattered industry resources, adjust the product structure of shoe leather industry and change the mode of economic growth through brand cultivation, strive to improve the brand influence of Wenzhou shoe industry, strive to make new breakthroughs on the basis of quantity, and vigorously promote brand cultivation. The localization of outsourcing orders of shoe-making brand enterprises can comprehensively enhance the advantages of shoe leather and cluster. Efforts should be made to explore the cluster production mode of leather industry, optimize the structure through resource integration, and form a pattern of common development from the perspective of Wenzhou shoe leather industry as a whole, for a long time, many shoe leather enterprises have been staying in the stage of OEM and OEM, and have not formed the integration of production, supply and marketing. There is still great development potential and space in purchasing trade, brand promotion, product R & D and trend release platform construction. However, for most enterprises, the successful transformation needs to find a transformation opportunity

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