Wenzhou shoes and clothing industry’s first overseas trade platform starts operation

at a time when “Wenzhou famous shopping” is gradually distributing all over the country, Wenzhou garment industry will start to build “Wenzhou wharf” overseas

on June 10, the first overseas trade platform of Wenzhou clothing, Wenzhou clothing trade platform in 1taly, will officially start operation. At the same time, business platforms in the United States, Turkey and other countries are also actively preparing. With the construction of a number of overseas business platforms, Wenzhou clothing will quickly reach the overseas consumer market

“the innovation of” Wenzhou minggou “and” Wenzhou wharf “, the two” trade channels “at home and abroad, can roughly outline the” road map “of Wenzhou’s clothing industry upgrading.” Zheng chenai, President of Wenzhou clothing chamber of Commerce, often attributes the glory of Wenzhou clothing industry to the success of “trade channel”. For the current problem of transformation and upgrading, he thinks it should also be solved in the channel

and the “Youyi group” leads the business innovation mode, integrates into the international supply chain through the crisis, the baoxinniao Bono tries the water network marketing, the senmaxiu creative industry… Wenzhou service enterprises have been called to the action of “opening up the trade channel”

through this increasingly clear “road map”, the effect of Wenzhou clothing industry’s structural adjustment has initially appeared, and the future business form can be seen vaguely

Route 1: superior enterprises “control” resources

youyipai, born with the golden key, has been given preferential treatment by multiple policies since its birth last year, and has achieved expansive development in one year

“in the future, the development track of clothing industry will not depend on quantity expansion, but on quality and efficiency.” Peng Xing, chairman of youyipai clothing Holding Co., Ltd., believes that the organizational structure of the domestic clothing industry is changing and the brand concentration is increasing, which creates space for the development of advantageous brands. Youyipai is an active attempt to adapt to the situation

not only that, with the advent of the era of high cost in manufacturing industry, small and medium-sized enterprises with low added value and excessive dependence on exports are facing more pressure. The market advantage resources are gathering to the enterprises with channels, brands and core competitiveness, and the limited export orders are also concentrating to the superior enterprises. Led by the innovation of youyipai, home life Museum and snow dream are also rapidly realizing the integrated development. Wenzhou is encouraging and promoting the establishment of a number of integrated and restructured enterprises, striving to form five enterprises (groups) with an output value of more than 1 billion yuan in 2012< Route 2: deeply integrated into the "international supply chain" overseas M & A events have constantly stimulated the public’s attention. 1n the clothing industry, Wen shangsun Xiaofei’s acquisition of Pierre Cardin, a famous French fashion brand, attracts the most attention for the time being, leaving aside the controversy over its successful operation of world famous brands, the financial crisis has at least brought Wenzhou’s clothing industry to the front of international brands in advance with confidence. Since the financial crisis, many countries have been faced with a serious lack of funds, which has created an urgent demand for foreign capital. These countries have increased their willingness to cooperate with China, relaxed investment restrictions in some fields, and increased opportunities to invest or acquire high-quality assets and advanced technologies recently, Wenzhou clothing chamber of Commerce organized more than 40 footwear and clothing enterprises in Wenzhou, such as joghton and georgebey, to go to 1taly to participate in the exchange activities organized by the 1talian government and to discuss with 1talian footwear and clothing enterprises, one of which is about brand cooperative acquisition Wenzhou City has also issued corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to actively introduce international famous brands in the form of equity, acquisition, buyout, agency and authorization, so as to gradually grasp the high end of the industrial chain through efforts< Route 3: virtual operation grafts "fashion creativity" the leading garment industry in Wenzhou has quietly begun to march into the fashion creativity industry Semir Senma has joined hands with Hollywood to obtain cooperation with 1ron Man 11, and has also launched iron man clothing series to play with fashion ideas. This kind of integrated marketing mode of cooperation with Hollywood blockbusters is a common commercial method used by international well-known enterprises such as Nike, Pepsi Cola, BMW, Samsung, etc. Wenzhou clothing industry began to take clothing as a fashion brand to promote the vision of consumers and keep clothing brands fresh all the time< No doubt, the rise of network economy and the development of e-commerce make more and more Wenzhou traditional enterprises and clothing market realize the role and power of virtual market platform. The 1nternet has not only become the lifestyle of a new generation of consumers, but also one of the unavoidable markets for Chinese garment enterprises in the past, Wenzhou shoes and clothing brands were busy opening marketing stores all over the country; Nowadays, Wenzhou service enterprises headed by baoxinniao Bono are turning their attention to the network, busy with the layout on the network, to “circle” more consumers with the creative young generation in Wenzhou, they are enriching the network marketing market with great entrepreneurial enthusiasm and fresh creative ideas. These new attempts may bring unexpected new ideas, new ideas and profit points to the traditional clothing industry, clothing market and clothing channels< The recent action plan for transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou's garment industry points out that enterprises should be encouraged to adapt to the change of market consumption mode and the rapid growth trend of garment e-commerce, establish an online trading platform for Wenzhou's garment industry, support brand enterprises to develop e-commerce, and reduce product circulation cycle and marketing cost through innovation of marketing mode, Expand domestic and foreign markets

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