Wenzhou shoes and other foreign trade growth momentum is good

thanks to the gradual recovery of the international economy and the stabilization and improvement of the domestic economy, Wenzhou’s foreign trade picked up rapidly in the first half of the year, driven by the domestic and foreign production and consumption demand. On the basis of the low base in the same period of last year, the total volume and growth rate of foreign trade have been better than that in the same period of 2008, showing a good restorative growth trend< 1n the first half of the year, Wenzhou's commodities were exported to 190 countries and regions. The European Union, the United States, ASEAN, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and 1ndia ranked the top six in Wenzhou's export market, accounting for 59% of Wenzhou's total foreign trade exports in the first half of the year “the recovery growth of exports to Russia and Ukraine also gives people a glimpse of the dawn. Last year, Wenzhou shoes suffered a double blow of gray customs clearance and currency devaluation.” Huang Wanyi, deputy general manager of Dongyi Shoes Co., Ltd., told reporters that after the cherkizov market was closed, many Wenzhou shoe vendors have moved to Russia to operate in liubuluno market. According to the experience of previous years, the second half of the year will usher in the peak delivery season. However, compared with the relatively stable European and American markets, Russia’s trade policy is more volatile, which is the potential risk of Wenzhou enterprises’ export in terms of export, labor-intensive commodities still dominate. The top five commodities in export value are shoes and boots, clothing, on-off protection circuit device, glasses, valves and synthetic leather; 1mports are mainly made of plastic particles, chemical raw materials, logs, raw cowhide, iron, nickel and other metal raw materials Wenzhou customs reminds enterprises to pay attention to the expected impact on the European debt crisis. From the data of foreign trade export in the first half of the year, the year-on-year growth rate of export to the European Union was 24.0%, 5.3 percentage points lower than the overall export growth rate of Wenzhou, which means that the impact of the European debt crisis and the sharp depreciation of the euro on Wenzhou’s foreign trade export has appeared. As the European debt crisis and the devaluation of the euro occurred in the second quarter. According to the order processing period of 3-5 months, the impact of the European debt crisis on Wenzhou’s foreign trade exports in the second half of the year will be further revealed. 1n addition, the national policy expectation is not optimistic, and the international market price fluctuations affect the import growth should enter the perspective of enterprise risk control

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