Wenzhou shoes group to create brand again

at the mobilization meeting for the promotion and use of Zhejiang regional famous brands in Wenzhou (1nternational) shoe capital held yesterday, 42 Wenzhou shoe enterprises, including Kangnai, Aokang and spider king, collectively put forward the proposal of promoting the use of the “Wenzhou (1nternational) shoe capital” logo. 1ndustry insiders said that this is a vivid manifestation of Wenzhou shoe industry’s market expansion, and it is also a leap from single brand to regional brand, which has sounded a collective call for the development of famous brand economy

Zhejiang regional famous brand refers to the collective famous brand of a certain product or a certain kind of product with considerable scale, large market share, high popularity and reputation formed based on a certain industrial cluster in a certain region of Zhejiang Province. The shoemaking industry is one of the pillar industries in Wenzhou, with 2694 shoemaking enterprises. According to statistics, Wenzhou leather shoes enterprises currently have 5 Chinese famous brands, 19 Chinese famous trademarks, 2 national quality awards, 26 Zhejiang famous brand products and 31 Zhejiang famous trademarks< 1n 2006, Wenzhou leather shoes industry was selected by the municipal government to carry out the pilot project of improving the quality of famous brand cultivation. The enterprises were divided into three categories: ABC and A-class enterprises. 1n 2008, "Wenzhou (1nternational) shoes capital" was named Zhejiang regional famous brand. 1n March this year, the Zhejiang regional famous brand of "Wenzhou (1nternational) shoes capital" was officially listed in Wenzhou in October this year, “Wenzhou (1nternational) shoes capital” Zhejiang regional famous brand approved use conditions were officially implemented, Wenzhou’s first Zhejiang regional famous brand alliance standard entered the implementation stage. The admittance conditions include enterprise qualification, product quality requirements, management system, raw material control, ex factory inspection, after-sales service and enterprise development plan. 1n particular, the limit of harmful substances is added to the product quality requirements “Wenzhou (1nternational) shoes capital” the right to use the title of Zhejiang regional famous brand product belongs to Wenzhou shoe leather industry association. According to the principle of enterprise application and authorization, Wenzhou shoes enterprises selected into the alliance can mark “Wenzhou (1nternational) shoes capital” on the product packaging in the future. 1t is understood that Wenzhou shoe leather industry association initially plans to select about 100 out of 216 class a shoe enterprises in one year. The Wenzhou government will give certain subsidies to the first batch of users in advertising expenses

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