Wenzhou strives to build a national footwear export base

recently, Wenzhou municipal government signed a cooperation agreement with China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of light industry and handicrafts to jointly build “China shoes export base”. Zhao Yide, deputy secretary of Wenzhou municipal Party committee and mayor, and Wang Zhongqi, President of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of light industry and handicrafts, unveiled the base

Wenzhou is one of the birthplaces of China’s shoe leather industry. Since the reform and opening up, especially in the past 20 years, Wenzhou shoe leather industry has developed from quality to brand, gradually forming a regional industrial cluster with independent brand agglomeration, perfect industrial supporting facilities and developed marketing network. 1ndependent brands account for half of China’s shoe leather industry, and Wenzhou has become one of the most competitive shoe leather industry and export bases in China. 1n 2010, the total industrial output value of Wenzhou shoe leather industry was 78 billion yuan, and 675 million pairs of shoes were exported. The products were sold to 150 countries and regions in the world, and the export volume of shoes accounted for three fifths of the province

according to the agreement, the chamber of Commerce will provide Wenzhou shoe enterprises with information on production, trade, science and technology of relevant products at home and abroad, and organize participation in exhibitions, promotion groups and other services at home and abroad. Wenzhou will give full play to the agglomeration and radiation effect of the export base, increase the support of technology, brand, market and information, lead the transformation and upgrading of shoe and leather enterprises, expand the market, truly build “China’s shoe capital” into a national regional brand, and build China’s shoe export base into a demonstration base for foreign trade transformation and upgrading

Meng Jianxin, member of the Standing Committee and vice mayor of Wenzhou municipal Party committee, delivered a speech at the meeting, and Zhan Yongshu, Secretary General of Wenzhou municipal government, presided over the meeting. At the meeting, Jindi, Juyi, Kangnai, Aokang and other 60 enterprises were awarded the title of leading enterprises in China’s footwear export base

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