Wenzhou tanning industry revives to seek new industrial transformation and upgrading

in 2003, Wenzhou Shuitou tannery, known as the “leather capital of China”, was listed on the “black list” of national environmental protection. On the one hand is the industry with an annual output value of more than 4 billion yuan, and on the other hand is the serious pollution brought by this industry. What should we do? Since 2004, more than 1000 enterprises in Wenzhou Shuitou and Tengjiao Town, another leather making base in Pingyang, have taken a new road through closure, merger and reorganization. This year, the number of leather making enterprises in the two places will be reduced to about 10< According to Wu Fengmu, head of the Management Committee of Wenzhou Shuitou tanning base, the enterprises in the base are waiting for a new round of restructuring. According to the standard of 50 rolls per enterprise, the 39 enterprises after the last closure, merger and reorganization will continue to be reduced to about 6. Tengjiao's tanning enterprises have completed a new round of restructuring ahead of Shuitou a few days ago. The 11 enterprises after the last restructuring are composed of three enterprises, including PENGCHANG according to reports, when Wenzhou Shuitou leather base was prosperous, more than 1000 leather enterprises were booming, and tens of thousands of people were busy in the factory. 1n 2003, after Shuitou tannery was listed as one of the top ten typical cases of environmental violations in China, the relevant departments shut down and integrated more than 1000 workshop enterprises into 464 enterprises, and then continued to integrate into 165 enterprises. 1n 2006, Shuitou tannery base implemented comprehensive shutdown and rectification, and the number of 165 enterprises was reduced to 39 after reorganization. After rectification, Shuitou successfully “removed its hat” in October 2007. Tengjiao cut 320 drums to 78, leaving 11 enterprises< According to reports, after this year's restructuring, the number of tanneries in the two places will be reduced to about 10. Wu Fengmu said frankly that this is a painful but necessary choice. The tannery industry must be reborn by cutting its arm and wrist to promote the transformation or upgrading of the practitioners and get rid of the original development path at the cost of the environment it is understood that the old factory buildings of Wenzhou Shuitou tanning base will all be demolished into new standard factory buildings after reorganization, with advanced sewage facilities, etc., which will save more than 1000 mu of land for the construction of commercial, residential and other supporting facilities. The enterprises settled in the new base will be able to produce high-quality products, while the operators who quit the leather industry can choose to enter leather goods, leather goods, pet products and other related industries to extend the leather industry chain Lian Zuxian, chairman of Zhejiang PENGCHANG Leather Co., Ltd., which has integrated four enterprises, is planning for future development. Lianzu silk said that they will produce cow leather, build dust-free workshops, and produce high-end products. They will increase the original price of leather from 20 yuan to 50 yuan and 100 yuan, and the output value is planned to reach 1 billion yuan in five years since 2006, Wenzhou Shuitou belt, leather goods, pet products and other industrial enterprises have increased from dozens to more than 400, most of which are transformed from the original tannery owners. These related industries of Shuitou tanning in Wenzhou now have an industrial park covering an area of 800 mu, with a total annual output value of about 4 billion yuan, which has become the pillar industry of Shuitou Town. Zhang Zhouli, deputy mayor of the town, said that this shows that the leather industry is on the right road of restructuring and has a bright future Author: Wang muzheng

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