Wenzhou textile face shoes are popular in supermarkets in Europe and America

the textile face shoes produced by Ruian shoe company are favored by European and American consumers. The main reason is that the textile face shoes are of many patterns and low prices, and the shoes made of textile materials are more environmentally friendly, and are not affected by quotas and anti-dumping. The number of exports to Europe and America has increased greatly. According to the statistics of Wenzhou customs, from January to May this year, Wenzhou exported 149 million US dollars of textile face shoes, up 42.14% year on year

a large number of orders are mainly from big supermarkets in Europe and America, such as Deichmann large shoe retail supermarket in Germany, lidl supermarket in Germany and Wal Mart supermarket in the United States, which are the main partners of Wenzhou textile face shoes manufacturers. Large supermarkets abroad often place trial orders first to see how the shoes are, but the number of trial orders is large. Zhejiang Anbang Shoes Co., Ltd. once received a written examination order from lidl supermarket in Germany. This order alone ordered a total of 200000 pairs of three types of shoes. At the same time, Wal Mart’s trial order was 300000 pairs of five types of shoes. And the order of a brand is only a few hundred pairs” At least once, only 16 pairs of rubber shoes were ordered. The order profit of the brand is relatively high, but it is often a lot of money with less quantity and a lot of requirements. Once there is a small defect, it will be returned. And although the profit of large supermarket’s order is low, the order quantity is large. ” Yang Yudi, vice president of Anbang shoes industry, said

in the past two years, the export volume of textile face shoes has been growing faster than that of leather shoes. According to the statistics of Ruian shoe leather association, the most concentrated textile face shoe enterprises, the export volume of Ruian rubber shoes increased by 20% from January to May this year. About 70% of the enterprises in Ruian Yunzhou area cooperate with supermarkets in Europe and the United States. Another important reason for the hot sales in Europe and the United States is that the purchasing power of consumers in Europe and the United States has decreased significantly due to the impact of the financial crisis. Lin Changwu, chairman of Ruian huilishi Shoes Co., Ltd., said that cloth rubber shoes with an average export price of 15 yuan to 35 yuan are very popular in Europe and the United States

a large number of orders could have brought a lot of profits to enterprises, but the textile and shoe industry still needs to rely on intensive labor and low salary. Lin Zhenguang, chairman of Ruian Feiyue Shoes Co., Ltd., is a little worried about this. Although the number of orders has been increasing, the expansion of the enterprise has encountered obstacles. Labor costs are rising, raw material prices are rising, and the profit margin of the enterprise is getting smaller and smaller

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