Wenzhou Xumei: hold 2016 annual summary and staff commendation reception

Time flies, is a season of snow, time changes, just when the new year romantic! On January 13, all employees of Wenzhou Xumei Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2016 annual summary and staff commendation reception in Wenzhou Yidu hotel. Mr. Xiang Youchun, general manager of the company, and all employees of the company participated in the reception, and all employees spent an unforgettable and happy night together< At the annual meeting, Mr. Xiang Youchun, the general manager of the company, delivered a speech. Mr. Xiang summarized the excellent achievements of the company in 2016 and defined the overall plan of the company's operation in 2017, including business objectives and key tasks. Finally, President Xiang sent a New Year message to all employees, expressing his deepest wishes to the employees and their families the leaders’ speech is full of deep feeling and inspiring, which will strongly boost the work in 2017 to a new level the company thanks its employees for their hard work in the past year, and awarded the annual excellent management and excellent employee awards, commending the advanced individuals who performed well in 2016 (group photo of excellent employees) (group photo of excellent management) (best sales – Shanghai Office) the evening party was full of wonderful programs and climaxes what makes the annual meeting even more exciting is the annual meeting awards carefully prepared by the company’s leadership for employees. The cash prize, the first prize and so on, make the scene boiling. The enthusiastic speech and the expectation for a better future pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax the annual meeting was filled with warmth. The blessing of customers makes our work more affirmed the first couplet: Fen Nian Jiu is so lively. The staff gave performances and everyone began to laugh the second couplet: recognition banquet, performance award. Shareholders’ satisfaction is increasing horizontal Criticism: Xumei will be better next year (the customer’s literary talent is good, ha ha ~ ~) Xiang always recalled the moment of Xumei’s “yesterday, today and tomorrow” with emotion. As an excellent brand in the safety shoes industry, Xumei takes “making every pair of safety shoes well” as its own responsibility. 1n the past year, Xumei has successively won the fashion design award of “1 show safety shoes online voting grand ceremony”, “national labor insurance industry recommended brand unit”, “the first batch of science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2016 and the first batch of (Science and Technology) innovative enterprises in Wenzhou City in 2016” “Top 50 enterprises in China’s labor protection industry in 2016” and many other awards in the new year, all xumeiren will serve every employee with more enthusiasm, more professional service attitude, more high-quality safety products China Labor 1nsurance Website — make the interpretation of labor insurance more beautiful person interview, enterprise soft text, enterprise website hosting, enterprise brand promotion Service Hotline: 15152451114 QQ: 1410096532 log in to China Labor 1nsurance Website: www.chinalaobao.com Search high-quality manufacturers, make more friends long press the QR code below to join us

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