Wenzhou Xumei: Lei Limin, Secretary General of China Textile Association, and his party visited

On March 12, 2017, Lei Limin, chairman of safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile Business Association, and Chen Haida, secretary general, visited our company, accompanied by Mr. Xiang Youchun, general manager of the company. Chairman Lei and Secretary General Chen visited our company’s fully automatic shoemaking equipment, congratulated Xumei safety shoes on their achievements in recent years, and put forward suggestions for the future development of the company

visit the fully automatic shoemaking equipment

group photo of leaders

president Xiang exchanged with President Lei and Secretary General Chen on Xumei’s ideas of technology transformation and upgrading and product artificial intelligence. President Lei affirmed president Xiang’s ideas, and mentioned that enterprise transformation is an important work to adapt to the current development of the industry. 1n 2017, raw materials rose and labor costs soared, Xumei is able to find a breakthrough at this critical moment. The spirit of daring to think and do is worth encouraging. The association supports the development of enterprises and will provide more and better services for the development of enterprises in the future

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