Wenzhou Xumei products won the certificate of “product” to create a gold card of Zhejiang manufacturing

The “product” certification of Zhejiang manufacturing is recognized and issued by Zhejiang manufacturing certification alliance. The certification alliance will be responsible for formulating the implementation rules of “made in Zhejiang” certification. After being confirmed by the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, the alliance will file with CNCA and issue the implementation rules. The member organizations of the alliance will engage in the certification of “made in Zhejiang” within the business scope approved by CNCA, and carry out effective supervision on the products certified by them

“made in Zhejiang” standard certification system applies a + B mode, which reflects the regional brand building concept of “good enterprise” and “good product” of Zhejiang manufacturing as a whole. Standard a, namely “made in Zhejiang” evaluation standard, puts forward the characteristic requirements of “excellent quality, independent innovation, industrial collaboration and social responsibility” for “made in Zhejiang” brand enterprises. B series standards represent the comprehensive requirements of “made in Zhejiang” personalized products, and present the connotation of “made in Zhejiang” product standards of “careful design, excellent material selection, precision manufacturing”

the “K-type protective shoes” and “PL type protective shoes” produced by Wenzhou Xumei Technology Co., Ltd. passed the certification of “pin Zi Biao” in February 2021, becoming the “pin Zi Biao” safety shoes production enterprises in Zhejiang Province

Xumei science and technology has never changed its original intention. As always, with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, Xumei will create Zhejiang “pinzibiao” products with customer satisfaction, market confidence and outstanding brand

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