What are earplugs? Do you know the hazards of wearing earplugs for a long time?

What are earplugs? Do you know the hazards of wearing earplugs for a long time?

What are earplugs? As the name suggests, they are inserted in the ear to reduce noise interference. The function of wearing earplugs is mainly to prevent noise earplugs and sleep earplugs , And prevent water from entering the ears when swimming.
Wearing earplugs frequently may cause earwax to be pushed into the middle ear while the earplugs are inserted into the ear canal. It is extremely likely that bacterial infection, tinnitus, ear pain, and hearing loss may occur. Especially users with too much earwax should use earplugs carefully. Earplugs should also be washed frequently. Xiaohui recommends washing with water and mild soap. There are different types of earplugs, if the foam earplugs are used up, discard them.
When taking an airplane, I use anti-noise earplugs for quietness, so that the earplugs are not harmful. In fact, this kind of earplugs may also be the stimulus factor for ear infections. Why does this happen, because it is especially warm and humid. Under the environment, many bacteria will multiply more vigorously.

Although the use of anti-noise earplugs is usually safe, preventive work must be done to avoid potential dangers. When the earplugs are inserted, the air pressure in the middle ear will rise and push to the ear drum causing pain , This is because the earplugs are inserted too deep.
In order to prevent this danger later, you can first rub the earplugs thinly and then insert them into the ideal position (avoid warm and humid). When pulling out the earplugs, do not pull them out forcefully, but slowly unscrew them. This is also to avoid The ear drums are squeezed, and the earplugs are pulled tightly and the ears are discomfort.

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