What are personal protective equipment for occupational diseases? What are the classifications of occupational disease protective equipment used by individuals?


What are the occupational disease protective equipment for personal use, and what are the classifications of occupational disease protective equipment for personal use?
The occupational disease protective equipment for personal use refers to the special articles worn (wearing) by the workers during professional activities. These Supplies can eliminate or reduce the impact of occupational disease hazards on the health of workers.
Classification of protective equipment
Personal protective equipment for occupational diseases mainly includes: respiratory protection equipment, eye and face protection equipment, hearing organ protection equipment, trunk protection equipment, hand protection skin care products and other protective equipment, etc. .

Respiratory protection products
mainly prevent harmful gases from being inhaled through the respiratory tract, and are protective equipment to ensure the normal operation of employees in toxic pollution or hypoxic environments. Filter-type respiratory protective equipment (dust masks, gas masks and filter-type gas masks), isolation protective equipment, air respirators, etc.

Eye and face protection products
Personal protection products that prevent metal sparks and flying debris, heat, lasers, smoke, dust, electromagnetic radiation, chemical splashes, etc. from harming the eyes or face, such as protective face screens , Protective goggles, anti-sun and UV goggles, welding protective screens, welding goggles and face shields, etc.

Hearing organ protection products
Mainly prevent excessive sound energy from invading the external auditory canal, avoid excessive noise stimulation, and reduce hearing damage. It is a protective product to prevent the adverse effects of noise on the human body, such as earmuffs and earplugs And anti-noise helmets, etc.

Body protection products
Protective clothing mainly classified according to protective functional protective clothing, such as: experience cold-proof clothing, high-temperature protection clothing, anti-virus clothing, welding work clothing, electromagnetic radiation protection clothing, acid and alkali resistant clothing, etc. .

Hand protection products
are mainly classified according to their protective functions, such as: X-ray protection gloves, acid and alkali protection gloves, high temperature protection gloves, electric welding gloves, argon arc welding gloves and insulating gloves.

Skin care products
are mainly used to prevent the skin (mainly the exposed parts of the face, hands, etc.) from the hazards of chemical, physical and other related factors. According to the protective function, it can be divided into anti-virus, anti-ray and other class.

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