what are the advantages and disadvantages of FRP helmet?

The safety helmet is a kind of hat which can defend the head from injury caused by impact, puncture and extrusion. Safety helmets can be classified by material, shape and workplace. The following Lanzhou shunas safety protection summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of FRP safety helmet, hoping to help customers choose safety helmet

advantages of FRP safety helmet:

light weight and high strength

the relative density is between 1.5 2.0, only 1 / 4 ~ 1 / 5 of carbon steel, but the tensile strength is close to or even more than carbon steel, and the specific strength can be compared with high-grade alloy steel. Therefore, it has excellent effect in the application of aviation, rocket, spacecraft, high pressure vessel and other products that need to reduce self weight. The tensile, flexural and compressive strength of some epoxy FRP can reach more than 400MPa

Taicang Feihong: ay9906 safety helmet

has good corrosion resistance

FRP is a good corrosion resistant material, and has good resistance to atmosphere, water, general concentration of acid, alkali, salt, and a variety of oils and solvents. 1t has been applied to all aspects of chemical anticorrosion and is replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous metals, etc

good electrical properties

is an excellent insulating material, used to make insulators. Good dielectric property can be protected at high frequency. Microwave transmission is good and has been widely used in radome< The thermal conductivity of FRP is 1.25 ~ 1.67 kJ / (m - h - K) at room temperature, only 1 / 100 ~ 1 / 1000 of that of metal, so it is an excellent thermal insulation material. 1n the case of instantaneous ultra-high temperature, it is an ideal thermal protection and ablation resistant material, which can protect the spacecraft from the erosion of high-speed airflow above 2000 ℃ good designability 1. various structural products can be flexibly designed according to the needs to meet the use requirements, which can make the product have a good integrity

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