What are the advantages of functional fabrics? Three times higher!

pour a glass of water on a piece of seemingly ordinary black fabric, and then take the water back into the cup. The fabric is not wet at all, and the water in the cup is not a drop. Recently, in the “three brocade textile” office, general manager Chen Xianming demonstrated to the reporter the characteristics of the outdoor sportswear fabric developed and produced by him — waterproof, windproof and breathable” This kind of outdoor sports fabric, which is no different from ordinary fabrics on the surface, is three times more expensive than ordinary fabrics on the market. ” Chen Xianming is proud to say that our fabric market recognition is very high and is widely welcomed by domestic and foreign buyers

Shaoxing Sanjin Textile Co., Ltd., located in HUTANG street, is an unknown small fabric weaving enterprise in our county, with a daily output of only 20000 meters of white cloth. How can the fabric produced by a small enterprise stand out in the current competitive market” Do fine and deep products Chen Mingxian, the general manager, gave the secret of his successful foothold in the market

“three brocade textile” was founded in 2006. Before that, Chen Mingxian was engaged in cloth business in the textile city. His years of experience in shopping malls made him particularly sensitive to market changes. When he learned that the outdoor sports fabric is very popular in foreign countries, which is used by big companies such as “GM”, “Toyota” and so on, he felt that the production of this kind of fabric has a broad prospect in the international market, and the domestic market should soon lead, so he made a quick decision to invest in R & D and production of this kind of fabric

at first, “three brocade textile” only produced the middle and outer parts of sports fabrics, making wedding clothes for others. And the financial crisis makes Chen Mingxian more recognized the importance of deep and fine, so last year, “three brocade textile” vigorously implemented sportswear fabrics to do deep functional articles. To develop products, talents are the first. We have hired fabric development technicians with high salary to develop functional fabric technology for sportswear; A large amount of money has been invested in the introduction of adhesive laminating machine to achieve a daily production capacity of 5000 meters; 1n addition, in order to better highlight the fabric’s air permeability and other functions, we also purchased air permeability film from Taiwan

Kung Fu is worthy of those who are willing to do it. The waterproof, windproof and breathable sportswear fabrics developed and produced by “three brocade textile” have been sought after by domestic and foreign markets as soon as they are launched, and the sales situation is optimistic that supply exceeds demand. American chain store giants, French decathlon outdoor sports goods supermarket and other European and American businesses cooperate with them, and the domestic market is also applauded

at present, this functional fabric has become the main product of “three brocade textile”, but Chen Mingxian is not satisfied with this. Next, he plans to develop deeper and more refined high-quality functional fabrics such as transfer coating

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