What are the anti-static ground practices? 1’ll see after reading it

Many manufacturers who need to carry out anti-static ground treatment will generally understand the anti-static ground methods first, so as to determine and choose a better anti-static ground method according to the understanding of various methods of anti-static ground. So what are the anti-static ground practices? Want to know about the anti-static ground practice which friends might as well with the small series in the next text together to understand it< What are the anti-static floor methods: 1. There are many anti-static floor methods, which are mainly divided into anti-static terrazzo floor and anti-static tile floor, as well as anti-static floor, epoxy anti-static floor and PVC anti-static floor. For example, some anti-static nano bricks adopt a new firing process, in the production process, the inorganic high-temperature anti-static nano materials penetrate into the ceramic, and then are fired at high temperature. So it has the whole body anti-static, anti-static performance is stable, very durable, surface anti-skid and good wear resistance

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