what are the categories of electrical safety helmets?

What are the classifications of electrical safety helmets? The following is the little knowledge organized by China labor protection website:

according to the scope of application, the classification of electrical safety helmets can be divided into two types: t (special purpose) and Y (general purpose). 1n addition to the basic performance requirements of Y-type safety helmet, T-type safety helmet should also have the special performance requirements specified in the product standard. The safety helmet of electric alarm electrician is to install a “near electric warning device” inside the ordinary T4 type safety helmet. The electric power industry requires the safety helmet to have the insulation characteristics to prevent electric shock accidents, and the electric power (electrician) safety helmet is the T4 type safety helmet. According to the different additional functions, electrical safety helmet can be divided into near electric alarm electrical safety helmet and ordinary electrical safety helmet. The Y-type safety helmet means that the products should meet the basic technical requirements specified in the national standard

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