What are the causes of welding accidents?

Electric shock is the main common danger of all kinds of welding methods which use electric energy to convert into heat energy. 1n the electric welding operation, the welder has many opportunities to contact with electricity, and often needs live working, such as contacting the weldment, workbench, welding tongs or welding gun, etc., as well as regular live working, such as adjusting the welding current and changing the welding rod. The electricity is in hand, right beside him, and sometimes needs to stand on the weldment to operate, and the electricity is at his feet. 1f the electrical device is defective, the protective mask is defective or violates the safety operation regulations, electric shock may occur. Especially in the operation of vessels and pipes, there are metal conductors all around, so the risk of electric shock is greater

in addition, electrical fire, explosion and scalding accidents may occur, mainly caused by overload of welding machine and line, short circuit, excessive contact resistance, etc; Combustible and explosive materials are stored near the operation point or under the aerial operation point, and the fire and explosion caused by electric spark and Mars splash are caused; Cylinder explosion during gas shielded welding and plasma arc welding; Arc welding is often used in the repair and repair of fuel containers (such as oil tanks, gas tanks, etc.) and pipelines. When the protective measures are not appropriate, serious accidents such as fire and explosion are prone to occur. The above fire and explosion accidents and sparks splashing in operation may cause scalding casualties

there are many electric welding operations in high-altitude operation, in addition to the danger of falling directly from high altitude, there may also be a secondary accident of falling from the air due to out of control electric shock. Heavy weldments are mostly welded by electric welding, which may cause mechanical injury such as crush injury, crush injury and crush injury

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