what are the changes in the new version of the implementation rules for production license of special labor protection articles?

[preface] the new version of “implementation rules for production license of special labor protection articles” issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people’s Republic of China was implemented on October 30, 2016

compared with the original implementation rules, the new implementation rules have been updated in three aspects: license issuing organization, product unit and production license

certification body: special labor protection articles are issued by the quality and technical supervision bureaus (market supervision and administration departments) of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government

Product Unit: the special labor protection articles specified in the implementation rules are divided into 32 product units

combine “chemical resistant industrial rubber boots” and “chemical resistant industrial molded plastic boots” into a product unit of “chemical resistant boots”

a product unit “power supply air filter respirator” has been added. The product variety of “automatic dimming welding filter” has been added, and some product varieties and specifications have also been increased, decreased and changed

production license: No enterprise is allowed to produce products listed in the national production license system management catalogue without a production license. No unit or individual may sell or use products listed in the catalogue without a production license in business activities

when an enterprise produces products listed in the catalogue, it shall apply to the provincial competent department of production license in the place where the enterprise is located. The enterprise may, from the date of acceptance of the application, make trial production of the products for which the evidence has been obtained

the products of trial production by enterprises can only be sold after they have passed the factory inspection and marked “trial products” on the products or their packages and instructions

if the AQS1Q or the provincial license management department decides to terminate the operation or refuse the license, the enterprise shall not continue the trial production of the product from now on

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