what are the common items of first aid kit

1n recent years, first aid kits have entered the homes of ordinary people. 1n addition to the labor insurance industry, more families have begun to keep them on hand. For many elderly people, if their children are not around for a long time, necessary and effective self-help becomes particularly important in case of relapse or accident. Therefore, the elderly can be prepared with a small first aid kit, which often plays a big role in emergencies

Mei Xue, deputy director of the emergency department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, told the reporter that the self-made first-aid kit should not be too heavy. 1t can contain some conventional items, such as gauze, tape, band aid, etc. the most important thing is to make a pamphlet, which includes the identity information of the elderly, the contact information of their family members, and so on The medical insurance number and the basic physical conditions of the elderly, including the disease status, medication information, allergy history, etc., are very necessary. With these information, in an emergency, it is not only convenient for the rescuers around the elderly, but also plays a great role for doctors to judge the disease in time

it should be noted that the drugs in the first-aid kit should not be loaded at will, but should be increased or decreased according to their own situation and condition. The drugs prescribed by doctors according to the clearly diagnosed condition can be packed into the kit for standby. For example, patients with coronary heart disease can prepare some nitroglycerin tablets according to the doctor’s advice for taking when the disease occurs, or prepare some drugs for conventional diseases according to the seasonal environment, For example, heatstroke often occurs in summer, and some Huoxiang Zhengqi can be prepared in the first-aid kit. 1n other cases, it is not recommended to take medicine without authorization when feeling ill

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