What are the common labor protection gloves? How to choose labor protection gloves correctly?

What are the common labor protection gloves? How to choose labor protection gloves correctly?
Gloves are not only a kind of warm product nowadays, but also play an indelible role in many different fields and life. Labor protection gloves can avoid Or it plays an important role in reducing occupational hazards and preventing industrial accidents. So, what are the common labor protection gloves? What kind of labor protection gloves are good?

1. Disposable gloves
Disposable gloves are a type of gloves made of rubber sheet or film, usually there are Two materials, one is latex gloves, the other is nitrile gloves.
Applicable occasions: Disposable latex gloves are generally used in operating rooms, laboratories and other occasions that require high sanitary conditions; disposable nitrile gloves are generally used in food processing, electronics factories, and chemical industries.
Purchase skills: For the purchase of disposable gloves, the most important thing is to buy disposable gloves with professional testing certification, which is safer and more reliable; it is recommended to buy thicker disposable gloves, which can be better Care of your hands.

2. Housework gloves
Housework gloves are generally made of latex and nitrile. Latex gloves have excellent elasticity, especially flexibility, and have a certain degree of wear resistance; nitrile has a certain Oil resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and friction resistance.
Applicable occasions: Nitrile gloves are more suitable for washing dishes, cleaning kitchens and other occasions that are exposed to oil; latex gloves are generally suitable for washing clothes, clothing, and sanitation.
Purchase skills: When buying housework gloves, it is recommended to choose housework gloves that conform to the curve design of the hand, which are more comfortable and free to use, making housework easier; when buying housework gloves in winter, you can choose the gloves It is designed with velvet to keep warm and cold.

3. Welder’s gloves
Welder’s gloves are personal protective equipment to protect hands from high temperature, molten metal, and sparks during welding. Generally, it is made of cow, pig tamarin or two-layer leather, and is divided into two-finger, three-finger, and five-finger according to different finger types.
Applicable occasions: Most of them are used by electric welding workers who are engaged in electric welding operations.
Purchase skills: Choose welder gloves according to your working environment. For example, electric welders need thicker and longer welder gloves. Thickness can protect hands from being burnt, and long arms can protect arms from injury. Generally, the welder gloves used in summer do not need to be too thick, as this will make people work too hot and uncomfortable.

4. Cotton yarn gloves
Cotton yarn gloves are gloves made of cotton fiber machine. Generally, the denser the gloves are woven, the better the abrasion and crack resistance performance, and the cotton yarn gloves can be said to be The most versatile of all types of protective equipment.
Applicable occasions: Cotton yarn gloves are usually suitable for most workplaces such as construction sites, daily life handling, electroplating workshops and so on.
Purchase skills: Cotton yarn gloves have a general difference between recycled cotton yarn and raw cotton yarn. If the economic level is high, it is recommended to use raw cotton yarn gloves, which are of good quality and strong abrasion resistance; if the economic level is low, it is recommended to use recycled cotton yarn gloves , Cost-effective and practical

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