What are the hazards of electric welding and how to protect yourself?

Harm: (1) the harm of metal dust. The composition of welding fume varies with the electrode used. The electrode consists of core and coating. When welding, a large amount of smoke and dust are produced when the welding rod and weldment are melted. The main components are iron oxide, manganese oxide, silicon dioxide, silicate, etc. the smoke and dust particles diffuse in the working environment and are easily inhaled into the lung. Long term inhalation can cause lung fibrosis, which is called welder’s pneumoconiosis, and often accompanied by manganese poisoning, fluorosis and metal smog heat(2) The harm of poisonous gas. Under the action of high temperature and strong ultraviolet, a lot of poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, will be produced around the arc zone(3) The harm of arc radiation. Arc light produced by welding mainly includes infrared, visible and ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human body mainly through photochemical action. 1t damages glasses and naked skin, and causes keratoconjunctivitis (electro-optic ophthalmia) and skin biliary erythema

protective measures: improve the ventilation in the workplace. The ventilation mode can be divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation, and the mechanical ventilation has better dust removal and detoxification effect. When welding in the room with poor natural ventilation and closed container, mechanical ventilation measures must be taken. Strengthen personal protection. Operators must use corresponding protective glasses, masks, masks and gloves, wear white protective clothing and insulating shoes, and never wear short sleeves or roll up sleeves. 1f you work in a closed container with poor ventilation, you should also wear a protective helmet with ventilation performance

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