What are the methods to prevent foot abrasion in labor protection shoes

There are a few feet grinding phenomena when wearing shoes, which will affect the comfort of the clothes. Here are some ways to prevent the shoes from grinding. The first is

, the Baijiu is put on the shoes, the location of the grinding feet is determined, and a little Baijiu is painted on the top. Second, the heel sticking not only solves the problem of foot grinding, but also makes the labor protection shoes more comfortable

thirdly, if the newly bought labor protection shoes are softened with a hair dryer, they may wear their feet, so the place where the feet are rubbed can be softened with a hair dryer

4. Tap the grinding foot, cover the grinding foot with a wet towel for a period of time, then wrap it with a dry towel, and tap with a hammer, the cortex of the grinding foot will become soft< 5. Apply a layer of soap on the heel of shoes. 1t's convenient to wear and can't grind your feet when walking the above are several ways to prevent the wear of labor protection shoes. 1 hope you can understand after reading them China labor insurance net

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