what are the most common violations when returning to work after the holiday?

Returning to work after the festival, many people are still immersed in the lively and relaxed atmosphere of the Spring Festival, thus making some habitual violations. Now let’s take a look at the ten common habitual violations of returning to work after the festival:

[one of the habitual violations]

when entering the production environment without wearing labor protection articles or wearing accessories according to the regulations

[Habitual Violation 2]

no protective measures were taken for climbing and climbing operations, or no handrails were held up and down the steps

[Habitual Violation No.3]

the operation was carried out by a single person without implementing the guardianship and supervision system

[Habitual Violation 4]

improper selection of tools, random placement and discarding of tools, and neglect of tool maintenance

[Habitual Violation 5]

throw, pour or discharge inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful wastes at will

[Habitual Violation No.6]

entering inflammable and explosive environment without removing static electricity, carrying kindling or answering mobile phone according to regulations

[Habitual Violation No.7]

using organic solvents such as gasoline and diesel to wipe equipment and site or using wet cloth to wipe electrical equipment with electricity

[Habitual Violation 8]

drunk driving, fatigue driving, driving without wearing seat belts or answering mobile phones, speeding, overloading or mixed transportation of passengers and goods

[Habitual Violation 9]

close or block the safe passage

[Habitual Violation No.10]

failing to carry out the detection as required before entering the limited space or the space where there may be toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive gases

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