what are the production and processing technologies of reflective cloth

1n fact, the so-called reflective cloth is in fact the traditional reflective cloth, the other is reflective inkjet cloth these two categories. When it comes to this reflective painting cloth, it can also be called crystal color grid. This is the latest reflective material that can be made by spraying in 2005. 1t can be used in many occasions. Since there are many uses of reflective cloth, what are the manufacturing technologies of reflective cloth? According to authorities, the principle of making reflective cloth is very simple. 1t is to make glass beads with high refractive index on the surface of cloth base by coating process, and then ordinary cloth can reflect light under the light

the purpose of reflective cloth production

as our safety functional products, reflective cloth has been used in our transportation, public security and environmental sanitation industries for a long time. Now it has been used in some special industries, outdoor workers working at night time tooling. 1f these workers wear such reflective cloth clothes to work or walk at night, it can obviously make the driver can’t find them far away, so many accidents can be avoided by using this reflective function

reflective cloth is also a great help for our ordinary people. For example, wearing night shift, shoes, hats, bags, rain gear and other equipment made of reflective cloth can greatly improve our own safety, which is also a responsible performance of our own lives

reflective cloth production technology

there are three kinds of reflective cloth production technology, one is transfer method, one is bead coating method and bead planting method. Because of different methods, so the processing technology is different, chemical raw materials are also different. Therefore, the reflective intensity, hand feel and the performance effect are also different. 1t is normal for them to have differences before

the method of making reflective cloth or using bead planting processing is actually the method of using the strong electric field generated by high-voltage electricity to make the glass bead charged and attach the electrostatic bead planting on the fabric. But the glass bead is evenly spread on the fabric coated with adhesive. According to the use requirements of reflective cloth in this market, we know that the choice of fiber type, yarn thickness and density are different. After further treatment, the reflective cloth made of base cloth is more uniform and delicate in appearance. The beads can be arranged horizontally. The film forming ability of the reflective film on the reflective cloth is enhanced, and the washing resistance of the beads is also greatly improved

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