What are the protective functions of safety shoes

safety shoes are the general name of safety shoes and protective shoes, which are generally used in different workplaces to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injury. According to the meaning of safety shoes, we can know that it has a variety of protection functions

1. Anti smashing – according to the industry standard (ld50-94), the lining of toe safety shoes is steel wrap, which has the properties of static pressure resistance and impact resistance, stab resistance and anti smashing. 1t is very safe. After inspection, the pressure resistance is 10kN, the impact resistance of toe is 23kg, the impact hammer falls freely from 450mm height, and the deformation gap inside the shoes is = 15mm, mainly suitable for mining, machinery, construction safety, metallurgy, steel, port hoisting and other heavy industry industries, play a protective toe safety shoes, with rubber and elastomer support, comfortable to wear, and does not affect the daily labor operation

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