what are the six basic features of hard hats

What are the six basic properties of safety helmet:

impact resistance, penetration resistance, low temperature resistance, combustion resistance, electrical insulation and lateral rigidity

the five elements of safety production refer to:

safety law, safety responsibility, safety technology, safety investment and safety culture< According to the law, the production and business operation units should carry out several levels of education and training on work safety for the employees generally, the new employees should receive three levels of education and training on work safety according to the law on work safety, the special operators must undergo special safety training and obtain what kind of certificate before they can work special operation qualification certificate after safety education and training, the employees understand the post operation procedures, but fail to comply with them, which causes the accident, what responsibility should the actor bear direct responsibility for the risk factors that may exist in the post, what should the production unit do to the operators tell the operators truthfully to avoid causing unnecessary panic What are the main factors leading to the accident A: the main factors leading to accidents are people’s unsafe behavior, unsafe state of objects and defects in management according to the work safety law, what are the four basic rights of employees A: 1. Right to kno2. Right to suggest 3. Right to criticize, right to report, right to sue, right to refuse 4

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