what are the skills of using seat belts

The personal safety protection articles used by site construction personnel generally include: safety helmet, safety belt, protective clothing, protective glasses, protective shoes, gloves, etc. For these safety supplies, we should not only use and wear them correctly, but also master the knowledge of simple maintenance, maintenance and inspection. The use and inspection of common safety protection articles is very important to ensure the safety of construction personnel in the process of labor. Because it is often used, people often don’t take it seriously, and it’s easy to ignore its function. Especially, people don’t pay attention to the strict requirements of use, and they can do whatever they want, so it’s very easy to cause malignant accidents

on the construction site of electric power construction, there are many overlapping and cross operations. 1n order to prevent the operator from falling at a certain height and position, the operator must fasten the safety belt when climbing or working at height. The use and maintenance of safety belt have the following requirements:

we must pay attention to the function of safety belt ideologically. Numerous examples have proved that the safety belt is a “life-saving belt”. However, there are a few people who have trouble with their seat belts. 1t’s not convenient to go up and down, especially for some small and temporary jobs. They think that “when there is time to fasten their seat belts, all the jobs are finished.”. As everyone knows, the accident happened in an instant, so the work at height must be in accordance with the requirements of the safety belt

before using the safety belt, check whether the rope is deteriorated, whether the clasp is cracked, and whether the spring jump is good

when working at height, if there is no fixed place for the safety belt, wire rope with appropriate strength or other methods should be used. 1t is forbidden to hang the safety belt on the moving, sharp or insecure objects

hang high and use low. When the safety belt is hung at a high place and people work below, it is called hanging high and using low. This is a relatively safe and reasonable scientific method. 1t can reduce the actual impact distance when there is a fall. On the contrary, low hanging and high using. That is, the safety belt is hung at a low place, while people work on it. This is a very unsafe method of hanging, because when the fall occurs, the actual impact distance will increase, and people and ropes will be subject to greater impact load. Therefore, the safety belt must be hung at the same time for low use, and it is forbidden to hang at the same time for high use

the safety belt should be tied to a solid component or object to prevent swing or collision. The rope should not be tied and the hook should be hung on the connecting ring

the protective cover of the safety belt rope should be kept in good condition to prevent the rope from wearing. 1f it is found that the protective sleeve is damaged or falls off, it must be added with a new one before use

it is forbidden to lengthen the safety belt without authorization. 1f 3m or more long ropes are used, buffers must be added, and all parts shall not be removed arbitrarily

before using the safety belt, check whether all parts are intact. Safety belt should be maintained and kept after use. 1t is necessary to check the sewing part and hook part of the safety belt frequently, and check whether the twisting thread is broken or damaged in detail

keep the safety belt properly when not in use. Do not touch high temperature, open fire, strong acid, strong alkali or sharp objects. Do not store it in a wet warehouse

the safety belt should be inspected once after two years of use. 1f it is used frequently, it should be inspected regularly. 1f it is abnormal, it must be replaced immediately. Safety belts that have been used in regular or sampling tests shall not be used any more

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