what are the standards of “glasses for labor or occupational safety protection”?

Q: our company has regulations that you must wear labor protection glasses when you enter the workshop, but the quality of the labor protection glasses issued by the company is very poor, and many people are dizzy eight hours a day. We all know that the poor quality of glasses does great harm to the eyes. 1sn’t this superficial protection actually a long-term harm to the eyes. Do not wear: the company has a system of assessment; Dai: hurt yourself again. Does the country have the standard of “glasses for labor or occupational safety protection”

A: some workers engaged in industrial production need to wear glasses for operation, not for decoration and fashion, but to protect their eyes from harmful factors. Therefore, these glasses are called safety glasses.

workers engaged in electric welding, gas welding, steel making and glass blowing should wear anti arc radiation glasses. However, the color of the anti arc radiation glasses varies from dark to light, which is designed according to different requirements. The selection should be based on the strength of arc light during operation. Strong arc light and dark color; On the contrary, light lenses should be chosen. 1f you wear light colored protective glasses with strong arc light, some infrared rays will irritate and damage your eyes through the lenses, and you will suffer from occupational cataract in the long run; On the contrary, if the arc light is weak and you wear dark safety glasses for a long time, your vision will be greatly reduced

therefore, every worker who needs to wear protective glasses should understand the harmful factors of his working environment, wear appropriate safety protective glasses, and not wear them indiscriminately

dust proof glasses are used in dusty environment, and the general requirements of lens fastness are not high. No matter the eye mask type or flat mirror type, they are made of ordinary flat glass lenses. The anti impact glasses are used to prevent small particles from flying through the eyes, and their lenses are required to be impact resistant. For example, lathe workers, grinders and stonecutters should wear anti impact glasses. 1f these workers wear general dust-proof glasses, the iron sand and gravel flying glasses will be broken, and the eyes will be more damaged. The lenses of anti-chemical glasses are resistant to acid and alkali, but corrosive, which other glasses don’t have

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