what are the technical requirements for safety boots worn by mining workers?

Miner safety boots are all rubber and all polymer boots which are suitable for miner to wear and protect miner’s feet and legs from the harm of working area. The products should meet the requirements of aq6105-2008 “safety boots for foot protection for miners”< The miner safety boots can be divided into four types: (1) high waist boots< (2) half boots< (3) high boots< (4) boots. Boots is a kind of thin impermeable material which can extend the upper of high boots, and the material can be cut to suit the wearer< (1) there should be a circle of reflective band with a width of not less than 5mm at the obvious part of the boot mouth (2) the thickness of any part of the boot should meet the requirements of rubber ≥ 1.50 mm and polymer material ≥ 1.00 mm (3) the sole of the boot has anti-skid pattern< (4) wear resistance (5) it has folding resistance 1. rubber boots: Flex 125000 times continuously, each style of upper should have no crack, and the growth of sole incision should not be more than 4mm

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