What are the technical standards for labor protection articles

1n most of the migrant workers’ ideas, it’s very good that the employer can give them protective equipment when they go to work in the city. They don’t think there is any quality assurance. They don’t understand that these protective equipment still have technical requirements. Gu Ke, deputy director of the agricultural management center of Zhengzhou human resources and Social Security Bureau, is invited to answer the questions of migrant workers about the technical standards of labor protection articles in the column of “1 want to work in the city”

technical standards of labor protection articles

migrant workers: what are the technical standards< Gu Ke: the technical standards for the selection of labor protection articles in the workplace are as follows: 1. There are 47 kinds of dust in the occupational exposure limit of harmful factors in the workplace, which are harmful to human health. 1f the dust in the air of workplace exceeds the limit, the respirator with anti particulate matter shall be used2. Chemical harmful factors. There are 329 kinds of toxic substances in the occupational exposure limit of harmful factors in the workplace. 1f these toxic substances exceed the limit in the workplace, in addition to taking anti-virus engineering and technical measures, personal protective equipment should also be provided< 3. Physical harmful factors. The physical harmful factors in the workplace include the exposure limit of ionizing radiation, the classification of high temperature operation, laser, local vibration, and the meteorological conditions of underground mining operation site. Safety helmets, safety shoes, protective gloves, goggles and other protective articles shall be selected for workplaces with mechanical, striking and cutting injuries, and shall meet the requirements of national standards< 4. Biological harmful factors. For example, anthrax infection and Brucella infection caused by contact with fur and animals, encephalitis infection caused by forest cutting, and bacterial and viral infection caused by contact with patients by medical staff choose to equip with labor protection articles according to the type of work migrant workers: how do 1 know that the protective articles 1 am given are right GU Ke: if harmful substances can damage the head, ears, eyes, face, respiratory system, arms, body, skin, feet and other parts, corresponding protective articles should be selected according to different parts. The best protective function of personal protective equipment can be achieved only when it is matched with individual size. Therefore, different models of personal protective equipment should be selected for users in the “Specification for selection of personal protective equipment”, it is stipulated how to select protective equipment for 38 kinds of operations (please refer to the national standard for details). For example, safety helmet, safety belt and anti-skid working shoes should be selected for high altitude operations, such as building installation stringing, hanging beside high cliff operations, painting goods stacking, etc., and for operations with falling objects and impact (such as building installation, metallurgy, painting, etc.) Safety helmet and safety shoes should be selected for mining, drilling, shipbuilding, lifting and forest cutting

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