What are the things that novice welding needs to pay attention to!

If novice welding is performed improperly, it is very likely to harm the safety of personnel. Next, Xiaohui will tell you what novice welding needs to pay attention to.

Before welding, we should choose the right one. Safety equipment, including fireproof clothing, safety glasses, protective screens, welding gloves, welding helmets, and make sure to operate in a well-ventilated location, and do not work near flammable materials.

Welding process selection
Wire welding uses a spool fed by a spray gun. Relatively inexperienced welding workers can easily make joints, and it is faster and more economical. It is suitable for welding thin metal plates. There are two types of welding wire, MIG and flux-cored wire. MIG welding relies on a constant shielding gas to protect the weld from contamination. The limitation of MIG welding is that it is difficult to use outdoors, and shielding gas must be used. The flux cored wire uses a wire specially designed for shielding gas, depending on the type of wire used. Welding rod is the first material that beginners learn, and it is slower than MIG welding. TIG welding is mostly used in early construction work or car repair, and can weld thin metal plates to achieve a seamless appearance.

. Voltage input selection
The lower 11V input voltage is sufficient for most materials, and the higher input voltage will penetrate thick materials, and beginner welders need to learn and master dual voltage machines.

Operating machinery and equipment
For newcomers, welding machine settings are usually very tricky. For the machine to complete the operation, it is necessary to select the welding process, thickness and material type and consumables to be welded. And also learn to master the input voltage and adjust the settings accordingly.

Some processes and consumables are more suitable for welding certain materials. We can weld aluminum with the MIG process. Using a spool spray gun to supply power to the consumables will have better results. If welding of various thicknesses The aluminum, low-carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials require professional machinery and equipment.

Novices need to learn a lot of welding processes, and they also need to have matching welding materials. As the technology becomes more and more proficient, they will gradually distinguish the differences in these consumables. So as to become their own welding skills.

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