what are the types of earmuffs? What are the brands of earmuffs

Earmuff is a kind of ear protector that can cover the whole auricle. The anti noise earmuff is composed of two round shells connected by a bow frame. The shell is attached with sound-absorbing material and a sealing washer, and the whole shape is like a headset. 1t is suitable for the environment with high noise, and the sound attenuation can reach 10-30db. 1t can be used alone or in combination with earplugs. 1t is suitable for people with various ear types. Easy to take off and wear; But it’s hot and stuffy for a long time

as we all know, earmuff is a kind of machine that can cover the whole auricle, effectively protect the hearing of the ear from damage. The inner shell is equipped with sound-absorbing materials and sealing gasket, which is very comfortable to wear, and is usually used in places with high noise. As a kind of personal protective equipment, earmuffs are the most economical and effective way to protect hearing. Let’s know what kinds of earmuffs can be divided into and what are the brands of earmuffs

overview of earmuffs

many high decibel working environments seriously affect the hearing safety of workers, so it is necessary to reasonably choose the sound insulation earmuffs for the operators according to the actual site environment, so as to reduce the possibility of hearing damage to the operators.

what kinds of earmuffs can be divided into

personal protective equipment to protect people’s hearing from strong noise damage. 1f there are technical or economic difficulties in taking noise reduction measures, the use of ear protectors is the most economical and effective way< There are three kinds of earplug, earmuff and anti noise helmet: 1. earplug: it can be inserted into the external auditory canal or the entrance of the external auditory canal, and is suitable for noise environment below 115 dB. 1t has two types: plastic and non plastic. The plastic earplug is made of wax impregnated cotton yarn, sound proof glass wool, rubber putty and other materials. The user can shape it at will, and each piece can be used once or several times. Non plastic earplug, also known as “universal earplug”, is made of plastic, rubber and other materials, with various sizes. China has made dozens of earplugs

4. When wearing self-made silicone rubber earplugs, you should distinguish the left and right earplugs; When inserting the ear canal, turn it slightly and put it in the right position to make it close to the cavity of the concha

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