What are the types of protective glasses

Particles and debris, sparks and heat flow, dazzling light and smoke can all cause damage to the eyes. 1n this way, it is necessary to choose and use protective glasses according to different protection objects< (1) there are three kinds of anti strike goggles: 12. Glued glass goggles (cracked when impacted or broken, no splash); 3. Steel mesh goggles. They can prevent metal chips or chips, sand dust, stone chips, concrete chips and other splashes from hitting the eyes. Metal cutting operation, concrete chiseling operation, portable grinder operation, etc. are suitable for wearing this kind of flat light goggles (2) anti ultraviolet goggles and anti radiation mask for anti ultraviolet and strong light. The radiation shield used in welding work shall be made of non-conductive materials, and the size of observation window, filter and protective film shall be consistent and seamless. The color of goggles is a mixture of blue, green and gray (3) the safety goggles against harmful liquid are simple and easy, which are mainly used to prevent eye injury caused by acid, alkali and other dangerous injectants and chemicals. The general lens is made of ordinary glass, and the frame is made of non-metallic corrosion-resistant material (4) add a certain amount of metal lead surface into the glass of the lens to make the lead glass sheet goggles, mainly to prevent X-ray damage to the eyes(5) The protective glasses against dust, smoke and all kinds of slightly toxic or less irritating toxic gases must be sealed, covered without ventilation holes, in close contact with the face, and the frame must be acid and alkali resistant

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