What aspects should be considered in formulating fire and explosion prevention measures?

When formulating fire and explosion prevention measures, we can consider the following four aspects:

first, preventive measures. This is the most basic and important measure. We can divide the preventive measures into two categories: eliminating the material conditions leading to fire and explosion (i.e. the combination of combustible and oxidant) and eliminating the energy conditions leading to fire and explosion (i.e. ignition or detonation energy), so as to fundamentally eliminate the possibility of ignition (detonation)2. Restrictive measures. That is to say, once a fire and explosion accident occurs, measures should be taken to limit its spread and reduce its loss. Such as the installation of fire resistance and pressure relief equipment, firewall, explosion-proof wall, etc< 3. Fire fighting measures. Equipped with necessary fire-fighting measures, in case of accidental fire, timely put out the flame. Especially if the fire can be put out in the early stage of fire, it can avoid fire or explosion. 1n a broad sense, this is also part of the fire and explosion protection measures< 4. Evacuation measures. Take necessary measures in advance, such as setting safety doors, evacuation stairs or evacuation passageways on buildings, aircraft and vehicles. 1n case of large fire, the personnel or important materials can be quickly evacuated to the safe area to reduce the loss

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