what do you do in haze days besides wearing masks? Doctor: pay attention to the travel time

With the arrival of winter, haze has become a headache for many people, and the impact of haze on people, most people only know part of its harm, but do not know how to protect themselves from the invasion of haze. So, what preventive measures should we take in haze days

affected by the recent stable weather, the pollutant diffusion condition in Xi’an is poor. Haze once again appears in the sky of Xi’an, some pedestrians on the road also choose to wear masks to deal with such weather, so what is the harm of haze to people? Smoke physicians told reporters that in addition to creating adult smoke tract infection, haze may also affect the cardiovascular system

ZHU Bo, deputy director of the Department of respiratory medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University: “the impact on the respiratory tract is that haze days will cause the elderly and children with poor resistance, so the respiratory tract infection, rhinitis, cold, acute bronchitis are more, and the cardiovascular system is also affected, The main reason is that some acute cardiovascular events may increase. “

in the face of fog and haze, it is particularly important to protect yourself. Many Xi’an citizens expressed their views on how to reduce the harm of fog and haze to themselves

Xi’an citizens: “buy some more qualified masks to wear, which is also more anti haze, and then reduce outdoor activities.”

Xi’an citizens: “wear masks.”

reporter: “in addition to wearing masks?”

Xi’an citizens: “1 don’t know any more.”

Xi’an citizen: “anti haze mask, and now it’s basically our family, old and young, who go out with anti haze masks.”

citizens of Xi’an: “it’s just to wear masks. The elderly and children should try their best to avoid going out in this weather.”

Xi’an citizens: “wear the kind of anti haze mask.”

reporter: “what else?”

Xi’an citizens: “don’t go out.”

most of Xi’an citizens have made the most simple and direct choice in the face of this problem. However, the doctor also reminded that in addition to these conventional measures, outdoor travel time and indoor air environment also need to be concerned. Only when these problems are considered comprehensively, can haze prevention get twice the result with half the effort

ZHU Bo, deputy director of the Department of internal medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, said: “if you have to go out, it is when the influence of haze is small, for example, after 10 o’clock in the morning or before 3 o’clock in the afternoon. 1f you are at home, you should try not to open the window to ventilate and keep the home moist, 1n addition, we can cultivate some plants to promote the freshness of the air. “

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