what do you think of the advertisement for men’s Department printed by sanitation workers in Jilin City

the work clothes of the sanitation workers are printed with alcohol advertisements

the sanitation workers are known as “urban beauticians”, and they exchange their hard work for the cleanness and tidiness of the city. Such a selfless group should be the most respected people in the society. However, in Jilin City, Jilin Province, thousands of sanitation workers are very “injured”. Their daily work clothes are regarded as advertising resources by competent departments and businesses, and are cleverly developed as carriers, becoming mobile living advertisements. 1n the face of passers-by cast different eyes, sanitation workers are very upset

the advertisement of tooling printing

Jilin City has beautiful scenery, and the surging Songhua River passes through the city. The beautiful environment is inseparable from the careful care of the citizens and the “urban beautician”. 1n the streets of Jilin City, you can see the figure of sanitation workers everywhere. Recently, the public suddenly found that the orange tooling of sanitation workers has changed, with advertisements with different contents printed on the back, including liquor and medical

sanitation workers have become mobile live advertisements. For a while, the general public talked about it. After observation, careful citizens found that the printing advertisement of sanitation tooling was not a case. The tooling of sanitation workers in Changyi, Chuanying, Longtan, Fengman and other urban areas of the city were all printed with advertisements. Among these advertisements, there are even indecent advertisements for andrology

many people believe that sanitation workers should not be the carrier of business profits, tools and advertisements, which not only does not respect ordinary workers, but also damages the image of the city< On October 13, the reporter came to Jilin City for an on-the-spot interview. At 9:30 on the same day, in front of Jiangbei department store in Longtan District of the city, an environmental sanitation worker was cleaning garbage by the road. The reporter noticed that the sanitation workers were wearing orange overalls, with the words "Longtan sanitation" printed on the back, as well as the advertisement of a local andrology hospital. Sanitation workers told reporters that the tooling was issued by the sanitation team and had been worn for a long time next to a farmer’s market in Changyi District, Jilin City, several sanitation workers are working. A liquor advertisement was printed on the back of a female sanitation worker’s tooling, while a male sanitation worker’s tooling was printed with a male medical advertisement. Subsequently, the reporter visited Chuanying district and Fengman District of Jilin City respectively, and found that the tooling of sanitation workers cleaning the streets were printed with advertisements. 1n front of a shopping mall in Chuanying District, an environmental sanitation worker said that the advertisement on the tooling made him feel shameless, especially the strange and curious eyes of passers-by, who felt that he had been discriminated against by the Songhua River near the Jilin bridge, the reporter interviewed some citizens on this matter. Mr. Zhang, a citizen, told reporters that when he saw the sanitation workers wearing the work clothes printed with advertisements on the street, he felt bad because the sanitation workers worked very hard to clean up the garbage every day, but they were regarded as mobile live advertisements. Ms. Liu, a citizen, said: “now the city is so clean and tidy, it can’t do without the efforts of sanitation workers. They should be the most respected group. How can they wear work clothes with indecent advertisements? ” Cong, a 35 year old taxi driver, told reporters that the advertisements printed on the back of sanitation workers’ tooling were very eye-catching, attracting the attention of passing drivers, which was very dangerous and easy to cause traffic accidents the sanitation workers wear the tooling printed with andrology advertisements the tooling is provided by the merchants at about 13:00 on October 13, the reporter of China consumer daily came to Jilin environmental health management office to learn about the situation. Wang Lixin, director of the Department, said that at present, the tooling of sanitation workers in Jilin city is provided by the housing and Construction Department of the city where they are located, which has nothing to do with the municipal sanitation department. 1n addition, the advertisement printed on the back of the tooling is not the product of the municipal sanitation department. Talking about sanitation workers becoming living advertisements, Wang Lixin said: “it’s a bit indecent.” subsequently, the reporter interviewed Pu Chunhua, director of environmental sanitation and cleaning department of Longtan District Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Jilin City, and Guan, section chief of cleaning section of Chuanying district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, respectively. According to the two persons in charge, the tooling of the sanitation workers in their urban area is provided free of charge by the advertiser, and the back of the tooling is printed with advertisement in advance. 1n addition, the tooling with advertisement worn by sanitation workers was issued before, but now there is no advertisement for the tooling. When it comes to the reaction of the sanitation workers and the public, chief Guan said that he would immediately report the matter to the leaders of the Bureau and stop using the tooling with advertisements on October 14, a staff member surnamed Yang from the Urban Management Office of Jilin Municipal Public Utilities Bureau confirmed to the reporter that the tooling of sanitation workers in the city was indeed provided free of charge by advertisers. The reporter questioned whether the environmental sanitation department has the qualification of advertising and the content of the advertisement is indecent, and the staff did not respond positively opinions and voices if it is suspected of breaking the law, it should be stopped Gong Yu, a lawyer of Jilin Guolong law firm the environmental sanitation department of Jilin city does not have the qualification for advertising, and the advertisement on the back of sanitation workers’ tooling has not been approved, so his behavior is suspected of breaking the law. Relevant departments should stop it according to law Zong Shouyun, director of consumption guidance and organization Liaison Department of Jilin Consumer Association the tooling of sanitation workers has certain special properties, which shows the working state and mental outlook of a group. 1t is degrading to print indecent andrology advertisement on the back of sanitation tooling. 1n addition, sanitation workers work in busy streets every day and wear advertised tooling, which has certain hidden dangers in terms of personal safety. Therefore, the sanitation workers in Jilin City have the right to protect their rights and refuse to wear such tooling author / Li Hongtao (source: dongfang.com) (original title: Jilin sanitation workers’ body and back andrology advertisement, do you think it is suitable?)

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