What does legal pneumoconiosis have and how to prevent it

What are the legal pneumoconiosis in China? How to prevent it? Recently, our reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the provincial health law enforcement supervision team

Q: what are the legal pneumoconiosis diseases in China? Can cotton gauze mask prevent dust

* pneumoconiosis is a systemic disease that causes lung fibrosis in occupation due to long-term inhalation of productive dust and retention in the lungs. There are 13 kinds of pneumoconiosis listed in the list of legal occupational diseases in China, among which silicosis and coal worker’s pneumoconiosis are the most common pneumoconiosis in China

it is clearly required in the “standard for the allocation of labor protection articles (Trial)” issued by the State Economic and Trade Commission in 2000 that “gauze masks shall not be used as dust masks”. Because the general cotton gauze mask can only block part of the dust, and its dust suppression principle is mechanical filtering, that is, when the dust collides with the gauze, it passes through layers of barrier to block some large particles of dust in the sand cloth. However, some fine dust, especially the dust less than 5 microns, will pass through the mesh of gauze and enter the respiratory system. The dust less than 5 microns can directly enter the alveoli, which has the greatest impact on human health. Wearing more layers will not enhance the protective effect. Therefore, the cotton yarn mask can not play a dust-proof role

Q: what are the items of occupational health examination for dust exposed workers

A: there are four types of occupational health examination for dust exposed workers: pre employment, on-the-job, off-the-job occupational health examination and medical follow-up after off-the-job. Generally speaking, in addition to professional history, symptom inquiry and routine medical examination, posteroanterior X-ray High KV chest film, ECG and lung function examination are required before work, during work and when leaving the post. Posteroanterior X-ray High KV chest film is only required for medical follow-up after leaving the post. The specific inspection items and cycle can be found in the technical specification for occupational health monitoring (gbz188-2007)

Q: can pneumoconiosis be cured? Can pneumoconiosis be prevented

A: there is no specific treatment or radical cure for pneumoconiosis. 1t is mainly comprehensive treatment, that is, active symptomatic treatment at the same time of medication, prevention of complications, enhancement of nutrition, regularization of life, and appropriate physical exercise. 1n clinical trials, some of the silicosis drugs studied for many years in our country can alleviate symptoms and delay the progress of the disease, but the exact efficacy remains to be observed and evaluated

the key to the prevention of pneumoconiosis is to prevent the inhalation of harmful dust to the maximum extent. As long as the measures are appropriate, pneumoconiosis can be completely prevented

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