What fire fighting equipment is suitable for families to buy

Recently, household fire-fighting and escape equipment, such as household fire extinguisher, escape rope and fire blanket, have gradually become popular, among which small household fire extinguisher and escape rope are the most popular

at present, the market of fire-fighting equipment is uneven. What kind of fire-fighting equipment do families need to buy? What problems should we pay attention to when purchasing home fire fighting equipment? ” 1n case of doubt, the public have their own opinions:

some people suggest to buy breathing apparatus because there is a lot of smoke and dust after the fire, while others suggest that the residents living in high-rise buildings should buy escape ropes, while others say that it is better to buy fire extinguishers and control the fire first and wait for rescue. Fire experts suggest that families should always have small household fire extinguishers, household descent devices or escape ropes, flashlights and smoke and gas masks. Purchase fire equipment should go to regular fire equipment stores, and pay attention to identify whether the product mark and quality inspection mark are qualified. For the fire extinguisher commonly used in the family, it is better to configure carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or high-efficiency dry powder fire extinguisher. These two kinds of fire extinguishers have the characteristics of fast fire extinguishing, safe and reliable, and the price is also in line with the affordability of ordinary families

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